Random Fact Sheet #259 – 30 Unconventional Facts That Will Broaden Your Mind

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While Mexico only drinks 50% more soda per capita than the US (100 liters and 150 liters respectively), the Mexican state of Chiapas drinks 820 liters per capita every year(2.2 liters per day) due to the drink being introduced into the religious activities of the Mayan people of the region.

27. Ancient Greek slingers used to write “ΔΕΞΑΙ” (Dexai) meaning “take that” or “catch” on their lead sling bullets. Soldiers have been writing sarcastic taunts on their weapons forever.

28. Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley threw Nicolas Cage’s $65,000 engagement ring into the ocean during a fight on his yacht. Cage hired professional divers to find the ring, but the ring was never recovered.

29. Male cichlids have oval-shaped dots on their anal fins called egg-spots used to trick females who are carrying unfertilized eggs in their mouth to think they have dropped some. The female will then place her mouth to the anal fin and receive a load blown into her face.

30. The Icelandic band Sigur Ros felt so strongly that music was more than words they made up their own language for one of their albums.

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