Random Fact Sheet #236 – 30 Facts to Challenge Your Knowledge

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Teff, the staple food crop of Ethiopia, is a highly nutritious "superfood" like quinoa. After US and European health food trends created a huge demand for quinoa, prices skyrocketed in Bolivia, where it is a staple food. Fearing their own food shortage, Ethiopia banned the export of teff in 2006.

27. In 1996, as a loss-leading tactic, British supermarkets competed so heavily on the price of baked beans that one store decided to sell them for MINUS 2p. This period is referred to by economists as The Bean Wars.

28. Parents who give their children bleach enemas to cure autism have shared photos of "rope worms" expelled from their children, claiming they are parasites killed by the concoction. They are actually intestinal lining.

29. The source of the internet myth that Mr. Rogers was a sniper: The screenwriters of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood say they discovered in their research that there was another Fred Rogers who was a sharpshooter for the Marines, and his self-promotion confused a lot of people online.

30. During the Nazi Occupation, the Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens spoke out about the deportation of the Jewish population in Greece. When threatened by the Nazis to be executed by firing squad, he sarcastically responded with a request to be hung instead as it was “tradition.”

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