Random Fact Sheet #23 – 35 Amazing Facts Difficult to Believe

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26Betty James

Betty James

The Slinky was conceived of in 1943 by Richard James. While working at a shipbuilding company, he watched a torsion spring fall off a table and flip end over end. His wife came up with the name Slinky after looking through the dictionary for a word that described the motion of the spring.

27. In Korea, everyone is 1 from the time they are born. And everyone gets a year older on New Year's day.

28. In 2008, Bebo the popular social network was bought from its creators by AOL for $850 million. It was then run into the ground and after 5 years the site filed for bankruptcy and was sold back to the original creators for $1 million.

29. Candy pumpkins were placed on the seat of every U.S. Senator by the candy industry in 1985 in hopes of extending U.S. daylight saving time to cover Halloween.

30. More than 30% of the calories and 60% of the fat in the BK Original Chicken Sandwich come from the Mayo alone.

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31C. Walton Lillehei

C. Walton Lillehei

Before the heart/lung machine was invented, a doctor oxygenated his patient's blood by routing it through another person. Parents often served this purpose while their children had heart surgery.

32. When Pink Floyd was designing the iconic 'Animals' album cover, the inflatable pig tied to Battersea Power Station broke free causing Heathrow Airport to cancel all their flights due to a giant flying pig over London.

33. From the 8th to the 18th century, Arab scientists experimented with marijuana for medicinal purposes and were well aware of its benefits.

34. There was a Confederate ship that circumnavigated the world attacking Union merchant ships. It did not have a single war causality and eventually surrendered in Liverpool, England after the Civil War ended.

35. There once existed a giant frog named Beezelbufo, or Devil Frog that was the size of a beach ball.

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