Random Fact Sheet #229 – 35 Interesting Facts to Share with Anyone

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26Berners Street Hoax

Berners Street Hoax

In 1809, a man named Theodore Hook bet his friend that he could make a random house the most famous house in London within a week. He did so by ordering chimney sweeps, piano deliveries, and priests to the address. The ensuing chaos brought London to a standstill. This became known as the Berners Street hoax.

27. The voting age in Brazil is 16 and voting is mandatory for all literate people from 18 to 70.

28. The Texas City Disaster was the deadliest industrial accident in United States history. The explosion which occurred in 1947 caused by a ship full of ammonium nitrate catching fire was so large that the ship’s anchor serves as a memorial to the explosion where it landed, a mile and a half inland.

29. In the 1792 Presidential election, George Washington got 100.0% of the vote, which was only 28,579 votes.

30. A man named Cody Slaughter was so honest during his job interview with the Border Patrol in 2012 that he admitted to molesting a toddler and having sex with various types of animals, offenses which the police were previously unaware of.

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31Nunavik Inuit

Nunavik Inuit

Researchers have found that Inuit from northern Quebec are genetically distinct from any present-day population in the world. They compared the genetic profile of 170 Nunavik Inuit with “everyone possible” from Asians, Africans, and Europeans to North and South Americans.

32. The characterization of Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars saga as an ambitious and ruthless politician dismantling a democratic republic to achieve supreme power is in part inspired by Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler. Other elements of the character come from Richard Nixon.

33. An observational study of handwashing after toilet use at an Infectious Disease conference found that compliance with hand hygiene after toilet visits was 84% for conference participants, 75% for members of the public, and only 46% for hospital staff.

34. The original reason no photography was allowed in the Sistine Chapel is that Nippon TV of Japan obtained exclusive photographic, film and television rights in exchange for funding the chapel’s restoration project ($3 million). Their rights expired in 1997 but the ban is still upheld today.

35. Fake Christmas trees were invented by a company that made toilet brushes and were made on the same machinery.

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