Random Fact Sheet #225 – 30 Random Facts to Fuel Your Learning

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26NYC Rats

NYC Rats

New York City has a genetically diverse rat population. 'Uptown' rats are different from 'Downtown' rats, and every neighborhood has its own distinct rats.

27. President Lyndon Johnson was known for his vulgar behavior. He would burp, fart, pick his nose, and scratch his crotch in front of people. He would also openly urinate in front of others, including in front of a reporter at his ranch. He also harassed women about their weight and looks.

28. American fast-food companies are banned from Iran, so the country is home to many knock-off fast food joints with similar branding and food, such as “Mash Donalds”, and “Pizza Hot”. Lawsuits from major corporations are rare due to the American/Iranian relationship and Iranian trademark law.

29. In 1980, President Carter and Fidel Castro agreed to allow 125,000 Cubans to immigrate to America during an economic recession. Later, it was discovered that many of the emigrants had been sent directly from Cuban prisons and asylums.

30. Illusory truth effect is a tendency to believe that a statement is true if it is easier to process, or if it has been stated multiple times, regardless of its actual veracity. The illusory truth effect plays a significant role in election campaigns, advertising, news, and propaganda.

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