Random Fact Sheet #218 – 35 Wacky Facts That Will Add Some Fun to Your Day

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26David Bamberger

David Bamberger

A former fried chicken tycoon named David Bamberger turned rancher that bought and restored 5,500 acres of the most badly damaged, overgrazed land in all of Texas, restored it completely and transformed it into a showpiece for environmental restoration.

27. Martin Luther King had really bad handwriting, and after his "Letter from Birmingham Jail" was smuggled out of jail on scraps of paper, his deputy Wyatt Tee Walker typed it up because he was the only one who could read it.

28. A skeleton from 7150 B.C., found in an English cave was a DNA match for a history teacher named Adrian Targett living nearby.

29. When Israel got attacked during the Yom Kippur war, the fact that it was a holiday likely helped rather than hindering their response. Since roadways were clear and most folks were together in synagogue, the military was able to better mobilize reserve forces more quickly.

30. Researchers have found 37 million-year-old fossils of a “Mega Penguin” in Antarctic that stood over 6 feet tall and weighed in at over 250lbs.

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31Dollar Baby

Dollar Baby

Stephen King has a system where he will license his short stories to aspiring filmmakers for just $1. This gives the filmmakers an affordable source material. These are referred to as "Dollar Babies."

32. "Sherpa" is an ethnic group and not a job title for those assisting people with climbing mountains.

33. Migros which is Switzerland's largest retail company gives a share to every Swiss adult for free, allowing them to vote in general assemblies. Furthermore, if the earnings before interest/taxes exceed 5%, the supermarkets are forced to lower their prices.

34. Male billy goats smell so bad because they urinate on their own head, beard, and front legs to smell more attractive to females during their mating season.

35. It is impossible to predict the paths of colliding billiard balls after only a few collisions. Tiny differences in initial positions accumulate to such a degree that by the sixth or seventh collision even the force of gravity from people standing near the pool table changes the outcome.

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