Random Fact Sheet #16 – 40 Amazing Facts You Should Know

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1Dodo bird

Dodo bird

In 1775, about 70 years after the last Dodo's death, the director of Oxford's Natural History Museum decided the museum's stuffed Dodo was becoming too tattered and ordered it burned. A passing employee noticed and rescued a head and a limb. This is the last remainder of an actual dodo we have.

2. Elizabeth Taylor was actually late to her own funeral. As part of her final arrangements, she requested that her funeral was 15 minutes behind schedule.

3. Karl Marx sent a letter to Abraham Lincoln congratulating him on causing the death of slavery

4. The largest salmon caught in Iceland in 2016 was caught by Eric Clapton. He took a quick picture and released it back into the river.

5. Aircraft inventor Santos-Dumont believed air travel would bring peace to the world so he filed no patents and offered his designs free yet burned all his designs when he was accused of being a German spy during World War I and committed suicide after seeing aircraft used in warfare in the 30's.

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6Baby Hippos

Baby Hippos

Baby Hippos will use a crocodile's spine as a chew toy and won't be attacked!

7. Comic book characters come back to life after death so often that they are aware of the likely resurrections. Professor X said, "in mutant heaven, there are no pearly gates, but instead revolving doors." After one X-Man died, his daughter refused to mourn him because he'd be alive again.

8. In 1926, Agatha Christie vanished without a trace. Thousands of volunteers helped search, along with planes in the sky, and dogs on the ground. After 11 days, a musician recognized her at a hotel, where she was living under a fake name. Christie died without ever having explained her absence.

9. Annie Dookhan, a crime lab chemist in MA, intentionally mishandled thousands of samples. As a result, more than 20,000 convictions had to be dropped en masse.

10. The co-founder of Dreamworks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was fired from Disney even though he's mostly responsible for the studio's revival in the early 90's. Katzenberg sued for $90 million but received $270 million because Disney wouldn't settle.

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111 Cent coin

1 Cent coin

It costs 1.67 cents to make 1 cent coin because of the cost of materials, production, and distribution

12. Sabbath elevators are the ones which stop at every floor so that Jews using them do not have to operate machinery on the Sabbath because it's forbidden

13. King Cobra is called as "King" because it can eat other species of snakes, and their poison doesn't affect it.

14. Most deaths from overdoses occur when a recovering addict relapses and takes a dose that they've by then lost the tolerance for.

15. In 2001, Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi got into a bar brawl with North Carolina locals, with Vaughn getting maced and Buscemi being stabbed in the face, jaw, and neck

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16Frank Hayes(Jockey)

Frank Hayes(Jockey)

In 1923, a jockey suffered a fatal heart attack but his horse finished and won the race, making him the first and only jockey to win a race after death.

17. World Cup referees run 6 to 8 miles per game. All while scrutinizing plays and communicating with players and other officials. Players run around 7 miles per game which dwarf what NFL, NBA or MLB players run per game.

18. In 2012, investigators discovered Wal-Mart de Mexico had bribed various government officials in order to increase Walmart's growth in the country. They found a paper trail of hundreds of suspect payments totaling more than $24 million. Wal-Mart executives in the US tried to bury the matter.

19. Armpit odor is completely dependent on a single gene (ABCC11) and that many East Asians (and almost all Koreans) do not need to wear deodorant because of this gene.

20. Michael Jackson's estate continues to earn more than $100M annually, peaking at $825M in 2016.



There is a pig chief character named Spa'am in "Muppet Treasure Island." Hormel Foods (the makers of Spam) filed a lawsuit against Jim Henson Productions which failed. The judge who dismissed it said, "one might think Hormel would welcome the association with a genuine source of pork."

22. Cats can get blood transfusions from dogs, and this once saved a cat from dying after it ate rat poison.

23. Beverly Cleary, the author of popular children's books “Beezus and Ramona” and “Henry Huggins” is still alive at the age of 103 (as of September 2019).

24. The New York City Subway still operates several train cars constructed in 1964 in regular service. This specific model owes its longevity to its superior durability, craftsmanship and structural quality. Retired cars from this model are shipped out to the Atlantic Ocean for artificial reefs

25. Studies by researchers has found that people who love grilled cheese sandwiches tend to have more sex.

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