Random #388 – 50 Facts That Will Spark Your Interest

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26 Game of Thrones Husky Abandonment

Game of Thrones Husky Abandonment

The TV show Game of Thrones is the reason animal shelters are overflowing with huskies. Everyone wanted their own real-life direwolf but then abandoned them after realizing how much work they are.

27. Many spices contain significant levels of heavy metals like lead and arsenic, with no clear indicator of safety by brand name, country of origin, or organic status.

28. Bill Nye quit his job at Boeing to be a stand-up comic after winning a Steve Martin look-alike contest in 1978.

29. The creator of Seal Team 6 formed a U.S. government team named Red Cell in 1984 to highlight the vulnerabilities of military installations. In 1986, they kidnapped and tortured a man for 30 hours as part of an operation.

30. There has never been an official identification of any of the people filmed or photographed falling from the Twin Towers on 9/11. The collapse of the towers before their remains were removed from the scene made it impossible to identify them through DNA analysis.

31 American Population Concentration

American Population Concentration

One out of three Americans lives in just four states: California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

32. The founder thought that the brand name Rolex would be easily pronounceable in any language, but it has no specific meaning.

33. Following the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse, the BMJ reported only 14 cases of eye damage from improper viewing of the eclipse, a lower number than initially feared. In one of the most serious cases, the patient had looked at the sun without eye protection for 20 minutes.

34. Following a nighttime brawl in 2023 between rival gangs, in which several suspects had full-body Yakuza-style tattoos, South Korean prosecutors turned their attention to the tattoo artists they suspected of tattooing them, ultimately indicting 12 tattoo artists for providing tattoos illegally.

35. In 2008, a 140-year-old high-explosive cannonball that Sam White, a Virginia Civil War collector, was restoring, exploded in his driveway, killing him. The explosion was powerful enough to send chunks of shrapnel up to a quarter mile away. At the time, he had 18 more cannonballs in his driveway.

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36 Nasal Immunity Vulnerability

Nasal Immunity Vulnerability

Cold temperatures weaken nasal immunity, making us more vulnerable to viruses. A mere 5°C drop in nasal tissue temperature reduces immune response by nearly half.

37. In Japan, there is a group of prominent female housewife stock traders known as Mrs. Watanabe, who are so proficient at what they do that many traders look to them for reference on which stocks are doing well.

38. Batman was created almost at the same time as the Black Bat, a pulp fiction hero so similar that the publishers considered suing each other. They eventually found an agreement: the Black Bat wouldn’t appear in comics, and in exchange, Batman wouldn’t appear in pulp magazines.

39. The United States Navy’s SEAL Team Six was not the sixth SEAL team. At the time, there were only two. The name was chosen to confuse the Soviets.

40. During the Civil War, the Confederacy used the strongest cipher available, the Vigenère cipher, but the Union consistently cracked it. This was because the Confederates only ever used three key phrases: “Manchester Bluff,” “Complete Victory,” and, as the war came to a close, “Come Retribution.”

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41 The Sperminator Documentary Subject

The Sperminator Documentary Subject

Ari Nagel, also known as “The Sperminator,” has fathered over 100 children. He turns down no women and doesn’t charge for his services, although he pays child support for several of them. Three documentaries, including “The Baby Daddy” (2022) and “Spermworld” (2024), have featured his contributions.

42. For the duration of World War II, the UK proposed a merger with France in 1940. This included shared citizenship, resources, defense, and policies. There is a belief that the proposal, if made just a few days earlier, would have been carefully considered.

43. Since the year 2000, five new elements have been added to the periodic table, finally filling the 7th row of the table.

44. Spelling bees, competitions where participants must correctly spell words until one is left standing, don’t really exist outside of English-speaking countries, and within English, they’re primarily an American phenomenon.

45. When Chi Chi, a giant panda at the London Zoo, was taken to Moscow to breed with a male giant panda, she refused his attempts to mate with her and instead made a full sexual presentation to a zookeeper.

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46 Cavendish’s Unrecognized Scientific Contributions

Cavendish's Unrecognized Scientific Contributions

Henry Cavendish, an English scientist, was the first to discover physical laws such as Ohm’s, Dalton’s, or Charles’s laws, among others. However, these laws were not named after him because he did not publish his notes or share his findings with fellow scientists, likely due to his asocial and shy nature.

47. The writer of ‘Crime and Punishment,’ Dostoevsky, was sentenced to death by firing squad for political reasons. Just before the firing squad shot him, a cart delivered a letter from the Tsar, commuting the sentence to four years of exile in Siberia.

48. In 1915, tipping was so unpopular that six states in the USA made it illegal to do so.

49. The Karpov vs. Kasparov World Chess Championship 1984 match lasted for five months and five days. FIDE President Florencio Campomanes unilaterally terminated the match, citing the players’ health, despite both players wanting to continue. Over the course of the match, Karpov reportedly lost 10 kg.

50. According to legend, John Candy was the “most-burned potential host” of SNL because the staff frequently asked him to host but changed their plans at the last minute.

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