Random #369 – 50 New Random Facts

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26Blind Individuals' Mathematical Brains

Blind Individuals' Mathematical Brains

Individuals who are born blind utilize their visual cortex when solving mathematical problems, demonstrating the brain's remarkable adaptability.

27. The Osage killings were a series of murders in the 1920s that targeted wealthy Osage Native Americans due to their oil wealth. This dark chapter in American history unveiled a disturbing conspiracy driven by financial gain.

28. When gangster Johnny Torrio departed for Europe in 1925 and transferred his criminal empire to Al Capone, its annual worth equated to an astonishing $1,169,184,000 (more than $1.1 billion) in today's currency.

29. Following the development of the atomic bomb, "Uranium Fever" gripped the nation as a high demand for radioactive materials lured approximately 10,000 people to the Southwest U.S. in pursuit of uranium mining.

30. The oxygen supplied for emergency masks on airplanes does not originate from traditional tanks but instead results from a chemical reaction within the aircraft's systems.

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31Bell's Controversial Touch-Tone Fee

Bell's Controversial Touch-Tone Fee

In 2014, Bell imposed a $2.80 Touch-Tone service fee for its landline customers, a charge that was later voted "Canada's most questionable fee."

32. In 1966, the glass roof of the Houston Astrodome was painted to reduce glare. However, this unintentionally resulted in a decrease in the amount of sunlight reaching the stadium, causing most of the natural grass to wither and die. To remedy this, a synthetic grass surface called ChemGrass was installed, giving birth to the term "Astroturf."

33. The sensation of getting chills during a fever isn't due to physical coldness. Instead, it's the brain's response to fighting off an infection by raising the body's temperature. This elevated temperature tricks the body into perceiving that it's too cold, leading to chills as the body attempts to generate additional heat.

34. For centuries, European academics erroneously believed that many African populations were illiterate. In reality, these communities were using the Ajami script, which adapts the Arabic script for numerous African languages, much like the Roman script is used for European languages.

35. In the 1971 movie "Duel," directed by Steven Spielberg, the same truck was featured in all scenes. During the climactic destruction at the end of the film, they had to film it in a single shot because they didn't have a backup truck.

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36Bicycle Face: The Cycling Warning

Bicycle Face: The Cycling Warning

In the 19th century, doctors warned women of 'Bicycle Face' as a potential side effect of excessive cycling. This condition was described as a face with flushed skin and dark shadows under the eyes, often accompanied by an expression of weariness.

37. The U.S. government permitted a Hungarian priest to reside in the U.S. embassy in Budapest from 1956 to 1971, offering him complete protection from the pursuing Red Army. He never left the embassy building during his 15-year stay.

38. In January 1996, Jamaican police mistakenly fired upon Jimmy Buffett's airplane, believing it to be involved in marijuana smuggling. The plane was carrying Buffett, Bono, and their families. The Jamaican government later acknowledged the error and apologized to Buffett, who penned the song "Jamaica Mistaica" in response.

39. Hitler once sent a lengthy telegram wishing King Christian X of Denmark a happy birthday, to which the King replied succinctly, "Giving my best thanks, King Christian." This brief response angered Hitler, leading him to expel the Danish ambassador.

40. During Prince William's wedding, both Prince William and Prince Harry donned sweat-proof ensembles. Their uniforms were equipped with sweat pads sewn into the armpits. This precaution was taken as the wedding was broadcast worldwide, and the outfits ensured they stayed dry and comfortable.

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41The Looming Y2K38 Time Quirk

The Looming Y2K38 Time Quirk

The Y2K38 Problem, akin to the Y2K bug, becomes relevant when the year 2038 reaches 03:14:07 UTC on March 19. Computers still reliant on 32-bit systems to process date and time information may struggle to handle this transition, potentially reverting to the year 1901.

42. On the USS Taylor, while transporting members of the press away from the USS Missouri after the signing of the Japanese surrender, the ship's mascot, a dog named Subic, who had suffered abuse during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, bit one of the Japanese newsmen in the leg.

43. High-level woodwind and brass musicians employ a technique known as circular breathing, allowing them to play continuously without the need to pause for breath. This technique involves blowing air out with their cheeks while simultaneously inhaling through their nose.

44. Honeybees have the remarkable ability to recognize human faces. Despite the conventional belief that face recognition requires a complex mammalian brain, studies involving paper wasps and honeybees have demonstrated that some small-brained insects can also achieve this feat.

45. In 1315, King Louis X issued a decree that abolished slavery and proclaimed that "France signifies freedom." The decree stipulated that any slave setting foot on French soil should be granted freedom.

46Botafumeiro: The Swinging Thurible

Botafumeiro: The Swinging Thurible

The Botafumeiro, a 172-year-old giant incense spreader (also known as a "thurible"), swings from the ceiling of Spain's Santiago de Compostela Cathedral at speeds of approximately 68 km/h, reaching a height of 21 meters from the ground during its 65-meter arc.

47. During World War I, a Belgian princess residing in a Belgian castle was protected due to a sign from a German general that partially read, "I order the German soldiers passing by here not to ring the bell and to leave the place untouched." This protection was extended because she was the sister-in-law of Austria-Hungary's emperor.

48. Prior to World War II, there was a radioactive toothpaste available on the market in Germany.

49. Eastern Emerald Elysia is a species of sea slug that steals chloroplasts from the algae it consumes and utilizes them for photosynthesis.

50. The controversial Koh-i-Noor diamond which is currently with British Royal Family has a sister diamond called the Daria-i-Noor, which is part of the Iranian Crown Jewels.


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