Meet the 50 Real-Life X-Men Who Will Leave You in Awe

21Ray Caldwell

Ray Caldwell

In 1919, after pitching 8? innings in a game against the Philadelphia Athletics, Cleveland Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lightning. Despite being knocked unconscious, he refused to leave the game. He went on to record the final out for the complete-game win.

22George Lamson Jr.

George Lamson Jr.

In 1985, a 17-year-old boy named George Lamson Jr. was ejected from a plane during a crash (Galaxy Airlines Flight 203). He landed upright in his seat in the middle of a street. He was the only survivor from the plane crash.

23Eero Mäntyranta

Eero Mäntyranta

Popular athlete and seven-time Olympic medalist Eero Mäntyranta was one of the most successful Finnish cross-country skiers in the world. He had a gene mutation that allowed him to carry 50% more oxygen in his body than a normal human being.

24Christina Santhouse

Christina Santhouse

Rasmussen's syndrome destroyed Christina Santhouse's right hemisphere of her brain when she was young, so that half of her brain was surgically removed. After the surgery, she lost most of her motor skills on the left side of her body but went on to lead a normal life and receive a master's degree in speech-language pathology.

25Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor's long, thick eyelashes came from a rare change in her genes that made her have two rows of eyelashes.



There's a rare genetic disorder known as testotoxicosis. As the name implies, it only affects males. Affected boys reach puberty very early, just at the age of 2 or 3.

27Lizzie Velásquez

Lizzie Velásquez

Lizzie Velásquez is an American woman who just can't physically gain weight. Born in 1989, she is now a motivational speaker and YouTuber. She's never weighed more than 64 pounds due to an extremely rare genetic disorder.

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28100 Million Color Mutation

100 Million Color Mutation

The average person can see about 1 million colors. But 1% of the world's population, who are almost always women, have a rare genetic mutation that allows them to have a fourth cone in their eyes, which allows them to see 100 million extra nuances of color.

29Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler

Legendary bodybuilder Flex Wheeler is renowned for having a perfectly symmetrical body. It was discovered that he has an extremely rare genetic disorder. A study analyzing 62 incredible weightlifters, nine were diagnosed with having a myostatin deficiency mutation. Myostatin is a protein that prevents the body from building muscle. Flex was one of them. In fact, out of the nine men, he had the rarest mutation-the 'exon 2' gene. This mutation gave him significantly more muscle fibers than the other test subjects in this study and ridiculously more than a normal human.

30Immigration Delay Disease

Immigration Delay Disease

In 2007, a Swiss woman was unable to enter the U.S. because she had no fingerprints. She had a rare genetic disorder called "adermatoglyphia" or "Immigration Delay Disease", where a person is born without fingerprints. It is known to occur in just four extended families on earth.

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