Man Behind the Theory: 30 Intriguing Facts About Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was a lousy sailor and he had a boat named "Tinef" which is Yiddish for "little piece of junk.

27. Albert Einstein once had an affair with a Soviet spy named Margarita Konenkova.

28. Albert Einstein's eyes remain in a safe deposit box in New York City.

29. When Albert Einstein "wanted a divorce from his first wife, he gave her the ultimatum that, if she wanted to remain with him and not grant him a divorce, then he expected her to serve him three meals a day in his room but not expect any intimacy in return."

30. In 1930, Albert Einstein met with fellow Nobel laureate, Indian philosopher Rabindranath Tagore and had a friendly debate. Einstein found that he believed more in absolute truth than the religious man he was debating, leading him to say to Tagore, "Then I am more religious than you are!"

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