History’s 50 Incredible Badasses You Should Know About

41Simo Hayha

Simo Hayha (a.k.a The White Death) was a 5’3” Finnish Sniper, who in 1940 had 505 confirmed Soviet kills in a span of only 3 months, using a rifle with no magnifying scope and in temperatures routinely reaching below -40°Fahrenheit. He was shot in the face six days before the singing of a treaty but survived and lived to the age of 96. He wasn't even a soldier before the war, but actually a farmer.

42Bhanbhagta Gurung

During World War 2, Bhanbhagta Gurung was a Gurkha soldier who served in the British army. When his unit was pinned by a sniper, he didn't wait for orders, calmly stood up in open sight and killed the sniper with his rifle. He then proceeded to rush to the nearest foxhole, taking out the enemies with grenades, his bayonet, and Kukri; taking 5 enemy positions single-handed, against light machine guns.

43Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt once gave a speech immediately after an attempted assassination. He started the speech by saying “Friends, I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.”

44Bishnu Shrestha

In 2010, a retired Gurkha soldier of the Indian Army Bishnu Shrestha was returning to his village in a train when it was hijacked by armed robbers. When they tried to rape a young teen in front of him, he brandished his Kukri blade and attacked all forty captors. He managed to kill 3 men and injure 8 before he was subdued. The rest of the robbers quickly panicked and dispersed.

45Fritz Christen

During World War 2, a German soldier named Fritz Christen stood his ground for 3 straight days and knocked out 13 Soviet tanks and killed nearly 100 enemy soldiers single-handedly.

46Thomas Fitzpatrick

In 1956, for a bet, while drunk, Thomas Fitzpatrick stole a small plane from New Jersey and then landed it perfectly on a narrow Manhattan street in front of the bar he had been drinking at. Then, two years later, he did it again after a man didn't believe he had done it the first time.

47Genghis Khan

When Genghis Khan sent a trade caravan to the Khwarazmian Empire, the governor of one city seized it and killed the traders. Genghis Khan retaliated by invading the empire with 200,000 men and killing the governor by pouring molten silver down his eyes and mouth. Genghis Khan even went so far as to divert a river through the Khwarezmid emperor's birthplace, erasing it from the map.

48Leslie Charles Allen

In 1943, an Australian soldier named Leslie Charles Allen single-handedly carried 12 American casualties to safety whilst under heavy fire at Mt. Tambu in spite of being injured. He acquired his nickname ‘Bull’ for charging through the opposition while playing Australian Rules Football with the battalion.

49Olga of Kiev

After the husband of Olga of Kiev got murdered, she went after the culprits and not only did she obliterate their whole families through relentless murder, but also destroyed their city by burning the whole city to the ground with pigeons and sparrows.

50Yogendra Singh Yadav

During the India-Pakistan Kargil War of 1999, an Indian soldier named Yogendra Singh Yadav was shot in the groin and shoulder. Despite his injuries, he climbed up a vertical snow covered ice cliff under heavy machine gun and rocket fire, took out an enemy bunker with a grenade and then killed 4 more enemy soldiers with his bare hands.


  1. It’s a shame those who have not killed, mamed, blown up or murdered but instead found ways of peace to resolve conflict (and there are many) are not considered “bad ass.” Although all these men and women were brave and the ones who saved lives rather than just take them truly bad ass it would be refreshing to promote those who chose nonviolence to resolve conflict rather than those who instead chose to kill. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. That’s not fair. Wang Weilin stood up against 4 tanks at 19 years old after watching over 10,000 people, his friends, coworkers, and peaceful protestors, get literally slaughtered in Tiananmen Square. All he was holding was shopping bags, and all he did was talk. No one will ever forget “Tank Man”. He knew he would be killed (no one knows what happened to him), he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop the slaughter. He didn’t even think he’d be remembered considering the Chinese government did everything they could to prevent anyone from ever finding out about him or Tiananmen.

    He’s every bit as badass as these guys, but that doesn’t make them any less badass.


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