History in Pics

This is a collection of interesting and important photos from History with an accurate description of the photograph (event, location, war, year, etc).

Smallest shoe store

One of the smallest shops in London – a shoe salesman with a 1.2 square meter shoe store, 1900.

Ohio River Flood

Displaced African-Americans line up at relief station during the great Ohio River flood. Louisville, Kentucky. 1937.

They are in line for relief supplies since all the food and goods in town were wiped out. Over 1 million people were displaced by the 1937 Ohio River valley flood. Socio-economic conditions had very little to do with it. Times were hard for everyone. This natural disaster occurred at the height of the Great Depression. Cities were flooded across the entire region. Everyone suffered, nobody was spared.

Stand by Me premiere

River Phoenix, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman and Wil Wheaton at the premiere of Stand by Me in Beverly Hills, 1986.

Pyrenees of France

A woman surveys a treacherous mountain pass in the Pyrenees of France (1956).

This photo is taken by photographer Justin Locke for the March 1956 issue of National Geographic.

Ivanhorod execution 1942

A German soldier executes a Ukrainian Jew embracing her child. Ivanhorod, Ukraine, 1942.

During the Holocaust (on what is now Ukrainian territory), a mass murder was committed by the German Einsatzgruppe in the southern part of Ivanhorod (1942) with an unknown number of victims. A wartime photograph showing a mother and child shot outside the village by a German SS soldier is now considered, in the words of British journalist Robert Fisk, “one of the most impressive and persuasive images of the Nazi Holocaust.” It was featured in numerous books, and at photo-exhibits both in Poland and Germany, as “precious and terrible evidence” of “the Nazi cruelties in Eastern Europe.”

The photograph was originally sent from the Eastern Front to Nazi Germany but intercepted at the Warsaw post office by members of the Polish resistance, the Home Army, for Jerzy Tomaszewski who documented Nazi war crimes for the Polish government-in-exile. On the reverse, it was inscribed: “Ukraine 1942 – Judenaktion in Iwangorod” (English: Ukraine 1942 – Jewish operation in Ivanhorod). The executioner appears to be standing over the body of an already executed person. The gun barrels of other executioners are visible at the left-hand edge of the photograph.


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