Historical Badass Archive – Part 3: 30 Incredible Badasses In History Revealed

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26Benjamin L. Salomon

Benjamin L. Salomon

Ben L. Salomon was drafted as an army dentist during WW2. He eventually became a regimental surgeon. While serving in the Pacific theater, four Japanese soldiers stormed his tank and killed the soldier he was treating. In a rage, Salomon shot two of them, kicked a knife out of another’s hands, and headbutted the last. He took up a machine gun and started mowing down enemies. Next day he was found dead after being shot 70 times with nearly 100 enemy troops dead in front of him.

27. During the Battle of Arnhem, when the Germans started crossing the bridge with tanks, Major Digby Tatham-Warter led a bayonet charge against them wearing a bowler hat. He disabled the armored car with his umbrella, incapacitating the driver by shoving the umbrella through the car’s observational slit. He then noticed a Padre pinned down by the enemy fire. He got to him and said, “don’t worry about the bullets, I've got an umbrella!” He then escorted the padre across the street under his umbrella.

28. In 1996, Bear Grylls broke his back after falling 16,000 feet when his parachute ripped. Two years later he climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest. Also, Grylls has consumed raw frozen yak eyeballs, camel intestine juice, raw goat testicles, a live snake, maggots as big as a hand, pulsating with yellow pus, and a giant live spider as part of his show.

29. Russian fighter pilot Alexey Maresyev's plane was shot down by Germans in 1942 and he crash-landed in enemy territory. Both his legs were severely mangled, but he managed to get himself to friendly turf by crawling for 18 days in the snow. His legs had to be amputated below the knee. He got himself on crutches and prosthetics and within a year danced in front of a judge to prove that he was battle ready. He then went on to fly 86 combat missions and took out 11 enemy warplanes.

30. Joseph Medicine Crow became the last Plains Indian war chief ever after completing all four required tasks while fighting in Europe during World War II. The tasks included touching an enemy soldier, stealing his weapon, leading a successful war party, and stealing an enemy's horse.

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