Highway Hiccups: 15 Unexpected Facts About Car Crashes

1Blue Angels pilots

Blue Angels pilots

Out of 262 Blue Angels pilots, 26 have been killed during training or show accidents, giving the job a 10% fatality rate.

2Hugh Trenchard

Hugh Trenchard

Hugh Trenchard, a British soldier in the Boer War, was shot in the chest and spine, becoming partially paralyzed. He took up bobsledding as a hobby, and after a major accident regained use of his legs.

3Derek Kieper

Derek Kieper

A college student named Derek Kieper wrote against seat belt laws, saying they are "intrusions on individual liberties" and that he won't wear one. He died in a car crash, and his 2 passengers survived because they were wearing seatbelts.

4Train crash

Train crash

In 1886, 3 people were killed and many more injured in a Texas train company's publicity stunt. They had invited the public to watch two of their trains crash head-on into one another at full speed, promising a good show.

5Evansville Men's Basketball Team

Evansville Men's Basketball Team

The 1977 University of Evansville Men's Basketball Team was killed in a plane crash. One player didn't make the trip due to an illness. He was killed in a car wreck 2 weeks later.

6Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell

Philosopher Bertrand Russell, while aboard a flight in Norway, asked the flight crew to seat him in the smoking section, claiming that "If I cannot smoke, I should die." The plane later crash landed into a bay, drowning everybody in the non-smoking section.

7Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim

A woman named Peace Pilgrim walked across the US continuously for 28 years, only to be killed in an automobile accident while being driven to a speaking engagement about her travels.

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8F1 car crash

F1 car crash

In 2004, a $300,000 diamond was lost in an F1 crash. The diamond was attached to the car to promote Ocean's 12 and was never recovered from the crash.



The MGM lion Jackie was in a plane crash and survived on sandwiches.



In 2010, a plane crashed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing 20 people, because everyone onboard ran to one end of the plane and it became severely imbalanced. They were fleeing a crocodile that escaped confinement. The croc survived the crash.

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