Bird Poop Geisha Facial

Bird Poop Geisha Facial

The Bird Poop Geisha Facial is an unusual and intriguing beauty treatment that draws inspiration from the traditional practices of Japanese geishas. Geishas, known for their porcelain-like skin, historically employed a range of unique skincare methods, one of which involved using a cream made from nightingale droppings. This cream, believed to contain natural enzymes with revitalizing properties, was applied to their faces to maintain their skin's luminosity. Today, this practice has been adapted and modernized in select high-end spas and beauty centers. During the Bird Poop Geisha Facial, sanitized and specially processed bird droppings, typically sourced from nightingales, are mixed with other ingredients to create a facial mask. The mask is applied to the client's skin and left on for a short duration. While the idea of smearing bird excrement on one's face may sound unorthodox, proponents of this treatment report a post-facial glow and smoother skin texture. Despite there being some disagreement about its efficacy, those who are interested in the allure of traditional Japanese skincare rituals and are willing to pay a premium for them continue to seek them out.

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