Fact or Fiction? 22 Unbelievable Real-Life Tales – Part 1

21Virgin Tea

Virgin Tea

A 'PG Lips' tea plantation in China hires virgins with C-cup breasts to pick tea by grabbing the leaves with their lips and then dropping them into a wicker basket nestled between their breasts. The women cannot touch the leaves or the basket with their hands, and in addition to specifically requesting C-cup breasts, the plantation also requires that the women have no visible scars or wounds. According to the spokesperson for the company, this odd requirement comes from a legend about how the tea used to be picked by the mouths of fairies. With this method, the tea is supposed to be infused with the virility and purity of the virgins, which is then passed on to the person who drinks the tea.

22Pressed duck

Pressed duck

Pressed duck is a traditional French dish. The duck is strangled so as to retain its bodily fluids. It’s then semi-roasted, legs, breast, and liver removed. The rest of the carcass is then placed in a special duck press to extract the liquids and marrow from the duck to serve as a sauce over the cooked breast. The dish was created at the Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris in the 19th century. Soon after, it didn’t take long for duck presses to make their way into home kitchens.

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