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961. Carrie Fisher-Carrie Fisher revealed in her memoir, Wishful Drinking, that she once had a romantic relationship with U.S. Senator Chris Dodd. When Dodd was asked for a comment by a reporter he explained that ‘it was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.’


962. Brad Pitt Interview with Vampire-Brad Pitt tried to buy himself out of the movie ‘Interview with the Vampire’. Upon hearing about the $40 million exit clause, he continued with shooting the movie. It went on to receive 2 Oscar nominations and launched Kirsten Dunst’s career.


963. Australian opium Farm Crop Circles-Australian opium farmers found mysterious crop circles in their fields. The culprits were wallabies who got high and bounced around in circles.


964. Supertaster-One person in four is a 'supertaster', who experiences the sensation of tasting more intensely. Supertasters have a high density of taste cells on their tongue, but are likely to have distaste for beer.


965. Columbine massacre-During the Columbine massacre, two 9.8 kilogram propane bombs were planted in the school cafeteria right before lunch. Their original plan was for the fire to force a mass exodus out of the cafeteria, where they would be waiting to shoot the fleeing students. The bombs failed to detonate, which saved an estimated 488 students from being killed or severely injured.


966. Logan Bar-Right before WW2, US created the ‘Logan Bar,’ a chocolate bar that deliberately tasted ‘a little better than a boiled potato’ as an emergency ration to prevent soldiers from snacking on it outside of emergency situations.


967. Keanu Reeves-Keanu Reeves was once sued by a woman who suggested that he used hypnosis and impersonated her ex-husband to impregnate her. She sought $3 million in spousal support from the actor, and $150,000/month, retroactively, in child support. DNA test proved he was not the father and the suit was thrown out.


968. Korean Broadcasting Law-Korean Broadcasting Law prevents commercials to be run mid-show. Rather than having multiple short commercial break to be run throughout the course of a program, the entirety of the show is played continuously and is followed by a longer commercial break period.


969. Chris Hansen-Chris Hansen was caught having an affair with a colleague 20 years his junior (he was 55 and she was 35) by a hidden camera and fired from NBC for it.


970. Bobbie the Wonder Dog-Bobbie the Wonder Dog walked a distance of at least 2,551 miles (4,105 km) through plains, desert, and mountains in the winter to return home to his family, swimming in rivers and even crossing the Continental Divide in the coldest part of winter.





  1. Would you mind if I started to post these facts on iFunny? I really think people would love them and I would of course credit and link your website.

  2. Your page (re)numbering makes it almost impossible to find something on your site. The search option doesn’t seem very helpful.. I tried to search for Harris Rosen or Fact #62 after seeing it on Bored Panda, but had to do a brute force search to find this page…

  3. I just went through all the facts pages. A few things I’ve noticed:
    1. #451-#470 (pgs 46 & 47) have images that are broken.
    2. #841-#1140 (pgs 85-114) are complete duplicates of earlier pages.

    • Thank you for your valuable feedback. Last night we implemented a new page numbering system for our fact cards. I really messed up with facts #451-#470 which I have fixed now. I have fixed the other problem too.

  4. Just stumbled onto your site via an Imgur post. Cool stuff.

    Re. one of the citations above: “The oldest D20 dice was uncovered in Egypt…”

    One “die,” many “dice.” The headline in the source given had it right; “Ancient d20 die emerges from the ashes of time.”

    Credibility is always enhanced by proper grammar.

  5. I really enjoy your site. I visit it regularly at this period of my life to use up time, while entertaining myself, and increase my awareness of life through the amazing insights into stories behind what we often overlook. It is almost therapeutic I would think! For one thing, I feel grateful not to be one of the warped personalities you often report on, but on the other hand, I feel sorry for the suffering that is really behind so many people you note through our shared history, who have the apparency of many successes, but are in fact imperfect and suffering souls like all of us, on the road to something better we hope eh?

    • History gives us an opportunity to look into the mistake our ancestors made, but also the feats they achieved. The lives they suffered, so that the future generations could have the freedom. I am happy to have been part of such an important part of your life, Stuart.


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