Fact Cards

1391. Elizabeth Holmes-In 2015, Forbes named entrepreneur/CEO Elizabeth Holmes the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world. Then in 2016, allegations of fraud collapsed her company's valuation, rendering her stock worthless and reducing her net worth to zero.


1392. Uber in NYC-Since Uber was introduced in New York City in 2011, drinking-related car wrecks decreased by 25–35% in all boroughs.


1393. Charles Dickens-Charles Dickens’ novels were hugely popular even among the illiterate poor. They would pool their money to hire a reader, and then gather together to listen to the stories.


1394. Ernie Hudson-Ernie Hudson, who played Winston Zeddmore in Ghostbusters, auditioned for the same character in the animated series two years later but didn’t get the part because they didn't think he sounded enough like Winston from the movie.


1395. Adam Sandler-Adam Sandler actually pelted children with dodgeballs in Billy Madison. He ended up making one of the kids cry. The parents were not happy and approached Sandler. He responded and said, “Didn’t they read the script?” and the parent said, “They’re six, they don’t read yet.”


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1396. Crow Funeral-Crows hold ‘funerals’ and will avoid an area or thing that is deemed dangerous to their own species. In other words, they know what death is and know to fear it.


1397. Gene Wilder-Gene Wilder did not tell the public about his Alzheimer's diagnosis, because, “He simply couldn’t bear the idea of one less smile in the world.”


1398. Johnny Weissmuller-“Tarzan” actor Johnny Weissmuller was playing golf during the Cuban Revolution when his cart was suddenly surrounded by rebel soldiers. After doing the Tarzan yell for them, the guerrillas recognized him and even escorted him to his hotel.


1399. Airplane Birth-In 2009, a Ugandan mother gave birth to a girl on a flight from Amsterdam to Boston, but the newborn was considered and processed as a Canadian citizen by customs as she happened to be born in Canadian airspace.


1400. Sanjay Gupta-At least twice, CNN correspondent Sanjay Gupta has been on location reporting, but needed to step in as a neurosurgeon: once on a Marine in Iraq, the other on a little girl injured during the Haitian earthquake.





  1. Would you mind if I started to post these facts on iFunny? I really think people would love them and I would of course credit and link your website.

  2. Your page (re)numbering makes it almost impossible to find something on your site. The search option doesn’t seem very helpful.. I tried to search for Harris Rosen or Fact #62 after seeing it on Bored Panda, but had to do a brute force search to find this page…

  3. I just went through all the facts pages. A few things I’ve noticed:
    1. #451-#470 (pgs 46 & 47) have images that are broken.
    2. #841-#1140 (pgs 85-114) are complete duplicates of earlier pages.

    • Thank you for your valuable feedback. Last night we implemented a new page numbering system for our fact cards. I really messed up with facts #451-#470 which I have fixed now. I have fixed the other problem too.

  4. Just stumbled onto your site via an Imgur post. Cool stuff.

    Re. one of the citations above: “The oldest D20 dice was uncovered in Egypt…”

    One “die,” many “dice.” The headline in the source given had it right; “Ancient d20 die emerges from the ashes of time.”

    Credibility is always enhanced by proper grammar.

  5. I really enjoy your site. I visit it regularly at this period of my life to use up time, while entertaining myself, and increase my awareness of life through the amazing insights into stories behind what we often overlook. It is almost therapeutic I would think! For one thing, I feel grateful not to be one of the warped personalities you often report on, but on the other hand, I feel sorry for the suffering that is really behind so many people you note through our shared history, who have the apparency of many successes, but are in fact imperfect and suffering souls like all of us, on the road to something better we hope eh?

    • History gives us an opportunity to look into the mistake our ancestors made, but also the feats they achieved. The lives they suffered, so that the future generations could have the freedom. I am happy to have been part of such an important part of your life, Stuart.


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