Exploring the DC Extended Universe: 64 Facts About Its the Films, TV Shows, and Comics

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1Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter possess a vast amount of superhuman strength comparable to Superman’s strength, easily making him one of the physically strongest beings on the planet. He has even shown to hurt Superboy-Prime and has even taken blows from enemies whose strength surpass Superman, such as Despero. He also has a psycho-somatic weakness to fire, stemming from the traumatic, fire-related destruction of the Martian race.

2. Because Green Lantern’s ring has no power over the color yellow, Batman and Robin painted themselves and an entire room yellow before confronting him in “All Star Batman and Robin.”

3. Mogo is a member of the Green Lantern corps is an actual sentient planet.

4. In the film, The Dark Knight, the man who shouted "we are not intimidated by thugs," to the Joker, was actually Patrick Leahy, the senior senator from Vermont and a self-confessed batman fan. He has appeared in a cameo role for every other Batman film since Batman Forever.

5. The kryptonite ring is worn by Lex Luthor eventually gave him cancer and his right hand had to be amputated.

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6Batmobile evolution

Batmobile evolution

The first Batmobile made its debut in 1941. It was a 1936 Cord convertible.

7. In some old Batman comics, Joker also uses a utility belt. It contains various gag items including exploding cigarettes, hand buzzers, playing cards, flower pellets, snake pellets, sneezing powder, itching powder, and Mexican jumping beans.

8. In 1981, ‘Batman vs The Incredible Hulk’ crossover comic, despite his relative lack of brute strength, the Dark Knight successfully defeats the Hulk in combat.

9. From Alfred Pennyworth’s first appearance until his re-introduction in the Silver Age Comics, he was portrayed as an overweight, idiotic, comic-relief.

10. Alfred Pennyworth is almost as accomplished as Bruce Wayne himself, at one point being an actor, a field medic, and even a pilot. He’s also the only member of the Bat-family allowed to carry a firearm.

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11Action Comics #1

Action Comics #1

A man who faced a foreclosure in 2010, discovered a copy “Action Comics #1” in his basement. The comic, which features the first appearance of Superman, is only valued at $250,000 because it was in poor shape but was enough to save his family’s home.

12. In a non-canonical story told in the ‘Batman’ comic “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader”, Alfred Pennyworth revealed that he is, in fact, the Joker.

13. Batman’s home was first named as ‘Gotham City’ in ‘Batman #4’, in 1940. Before that, it was stated that Batman lived in Metropolis or New York.

14. The exact magnitude of Supergirl’s strength is unknown. However, when she hits Superman, it actually hurts him and he notes that he’s never been hit that hard before.

15. Originally a composite being, Firestorm had power over fire and heat and could alter the atomic structure of objects. As of “The New 52” multiple Firestorms exist and Ronnie and Jason as individual Firestorms can combine to create Fury, a giant walking nuclear reactor.

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16Darkseid's strength

Darkseid's strength

Darkseid’s strength is so great that he can easily overpower heavyweights such as Superman and Wonder Woman in hand to hand combat and even overpower the entire Justice League including their heavy hitters. He has also been shown destroying a Green Lantern Ring with his bare hands.

17. DC Comics paid $130 in 1938 for exclusive rights to Superman.

18. In 1978, DC Comics released a Superman Comic in which he teamed up with Muhammad Ali to defeat an alien invasion.

19. Green Arrow’s Chili is the spiciest food in the DC Universe. Only Green Arrow himself and Batman can eat it without screaming in pain.

20. In the DC universe, Santa Claus is a powerful 1800-year-old immortal entity whose bone dust was once snorted like cocaine by John Constantine.

21Black Bomber

Black Bomber

The original candidate for DC Comics' first headlining black superhero was Black Bomber, a white racist who turned into a black superhero under stress. He was described by historian Don Markstein as "an insult to practically everybody with any point of view at all."

22. In the 80s, DC's New Guardians comic featured a villain named the Hemo-Goblin; a white supremacist vampire who drank AIDS-infested blood and bit black people.

23. After batman and robin rescued it from a slaughterhouse, DC comics included a bat-cow

24. DC Comics once created a hero named Dog Welder, whose strategy was to weld dead dogs to people's faces.

25. Between 1966 and 1970, Warner Bros. and Atlantic Records, Elektra Records, Nonesuch Records, and DC Comics were all acquired by a company that ran parking lots. This company later became Warner Communications, and eventually Time Warner.

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