Crimes That Will Make Your Skin Crawl: 17 Gruesome Facts

11Baruch Goldstein

Baruch Goldstein

In 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a physician in the Israeli Defense Forces, entered a mosque and massacred 29 Palestinian Muslim worshipers and wounded another 125 before being beaten to death by survivors. His gravesite became a pilgrimage site for radical Jews around the world and was visited by over 10,000 people.

12Christopher Pittman

Christopher Pittman

In 2001, a 12-year-old boy named Christopher Pittman shot his grandparents, burned their house down, and stole their car to flee the scene in Huntsville, Alabama. His attorneys maintain that the side effects of Zoloft (which was not approved for minors) caused him to do it. Pittman was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2005, which was later reduced to 25 years.

13Aribert Heim

Aribert Heim

Aribert Heim is known as Dr. Death because of the horrific experiments he performed on Jews during the Holocaust. He removed organs of Jewish prisoners without anesthetic during his time at Mauthausen concentration camp. After World War 2, he evaded capture by escaping Germany and converting to Islam, living in Egypt under the name Tarek Hussein Farid until his death in 1992.

14Albert Fish

Albert Fish

Serial killer Albert Fish would embed needles into his groin and abdomen. After his arrest, x-rays revealed that he had at least 29 needles lodged in his pelvic region. He also hit himself with a nail-studded paddle and inserted wool doused with lighter fluid into his anus and lit it. She was a sadistic, pedophile, and admitted to cannibalizing several children. His last words before execution were, “I don't even know why I’m here.”

15Kenneth McDuff

Kenneth McDuff

In 1966, Kenneth McDuff murdered three people and was sentenced to death. His sentence was later commuted to life, and he was paroled in 1989. He went on to murder at least four more people, was caught in 1992, once again sentenced to death, and executed in 1998.

16Frederick Mors

Frederick Mors

Frederick Mors, who wore a white lab coat, referred to himself as "Herr Doktor", and killed at least 8 elderly patients in 1914-15. He escaped from an insane asylum at the age of 26 and was never heard from again.

17Anatoly Slivko

Anatoly Slivko

A Soviet serial killer named Anatoly Slivko tricked over 47 boys into being hanged with the promise of being in a movie.

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