Crickey Mate! 83 Unbelievable Facts About Australia

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76Good Charlotte protest

Members of the band "Good Charlotte" protested against KFC's treatment of chickens. Then in 2012 and 2013 appeared in a number of KFC commercials in Australia and even tried to set a world record for eating KFC on "Australia's Got Talent."

77. After phasing out the Australian 1 and 2 cent coins in 1991, they were melted down and used in the Sydney 2000 Olympics as Bronze Medals.

78. While playing cricket for Australia, David Boon is said to have consumed 52 cans of beer on a flight from Sydney to London in 1989.

79. There's a town in Australia where half of its population live in caves carved underground to stay away from the heat.

80. There is a perennial river named Merrica in New South Wales, Australia

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81Mary Donaldson

Mary Donaldson, a 28-year-old Australian who worked at a real estate firm, met a Danish guy at a Sydney pub in the year 2000. He was Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, and she is now the Crown Princess of Denmark.

82. Australian speed skater Steven Bradbury won a gold medal in 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, because everyone in front of him crashed, three races in a row.

83. Australian serial killer Ivan Milat lost 25kg from a failed hunger strike in prison when he was denied a PlayStation.


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