Creepiest Mythical Creatures & Cryptids That’ll Confuse You – 45 Facts

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There is a Japanese mythological creature named Shirime that has an eyeball in place of its butthole. It gets a kick out of scaring strangers with its shiny eyeball butt.

27. Baba Yaga is a witch from Slavic folklore and lives in a house elevated by chicken legs. She flies around in a mortar and uses a pestle as an oar.

28. In Japanese folklore, there is a demon named Akaname that will come out at night and lick up the filth and grime from dirty bathrooms.

29. Chichevache is a mythical monster from European folklore that is said to devour only obedient wives and is therefore thin and starving. Its counterpart, bicorn, feeds on obedient and kind husbands and is said to be reputedly fat and plump.

30. According to Japanese urban legends, Aka Manto is an evil spirit that appears in public restrooms and asks people to choose between red or blue toilet paper after which it kills you depending on your choice, lacerations for red and strangulation for blue.

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There is a terrifying creature in American Folklore called a “hidebehind” that was used to explain the disappearance of early loggers of North American forests.

32. A Chilean cryptid called the Huallepen is a chimera resembling that of a cow/seal/sheep that can allegedly cause physical deformities of infants born to mothers who see it.

33. Krasue is a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore. It manifests itself as a woman, usually young and beautiful, with her internal organs hanging down from the neck, trailing below the head.

34. A Shachihoko is an animal in Japanese folklore with the head of a tiger and the body of a carp. It was believed that this animal could cause the rain to fall, and as such, temples and castles were often adorned with shachihoko roof ornaments in order to protect them from fire.

35. Trickster is a cryptid figure in Native American folklore that according to legend has such a long penis that he keeps it in a box which he carries on his back.

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There is a mythical creature from Scottish mythology called a Nuckelavee. It is a sea demon that resembles a man's torso fused to a horse's back, and it has the ability to destroy crops and spread disease with its breath.

37. There is a fearsome creature in North American mythology named Axehandle hound that's basically a little puppy in the shape of an ax, and it hops about from camp to camp to eat the axehandles belonging to inattentive lumberjacks.

38. Australia has its own version of the Yeti/Sasquatch known as the Bunyip. It is a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. Europeans recorded written accounts of bunyips in the early and mid-19th Century.

39. The mythical Chickcharney is a three-foot-tall creature resembling an owl that according to legends roamed an island in the Bahamas. In common legend, if a traveler meets a chickcharney and treats it well, they will be rewarded with good luck, while treating a chickcharney badly will result in bad luck and hard times. It is said that they make their nest by bringing several pine trees together and making their nest in the middle. Several of these tree formations have been sighted.

40. The Bonnacon is a mythological creature from European folklore that resembled a bull with inward-curving horns and a horse-like mane. Because its horns were useless for self-defense, the bonnacon was said to expel large amounts of caustic feces from its anus at its pursuers, burning them and thereby ensuring its escape.

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41Karakasa kozō

Karakasa kozō

In Japanese folklore, there is a yokai called Karakasa kozō who is a bouncing one-eyed umbrella that sneaks up on people and licks them.

42. Matshishkapeu, the most powerful spirit in Innu mythology whose name literally translates to "Fart Man". After the Caribou Master (Another powerful spirit) refused to give the Innu any caribou to eat Matshishkapeu cursed him with severe constipation, only curing him after he changed his mind.

43. Kurupi is a Guarani mythical creature, and a spirit of fertility that is often depicted with a penis long enough to wrap around his own waist several times.

44. Aswang is a Filipino folklore monster, similar to a vampire, that preys upon young children/babies and unborn fetuses.

45. In Northern-Indian folklore women who die in childbirth or pregnancy are believed to return as undead vampires (Churel) and suck the blood of their male relatives.

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