Country Profile: 60 Facts & Figures About United States of America

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1Canada Government

Canada Government

The Canadian Government sent 1000's of personnel, 3 warships, the Coast Guard, and divers to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, in locations the USA was reluctant to go to because of contamination.

2. The fastest road (Texas State Highway 130) in the USA is in Austin, Texas. It has a speed limit of 85 mph.

3. A live nuclear bomb was ejected over the coast of Georgia, USA. The B-47 plane carrying it was hit by another plane, and the bomb was ejected to prevent detonation during the crash. The bomb was never found and still lies somewhere near the coast.

4. The 4th largest state in the USA, Montana, only has one area code.

5. The current flag of the USA was designed by a 17-year-old named Robert G. Heft for a school project. He received a B-

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The USA has no official language. English is only used on a de facto basis.

7. An invasion of Canada that would have likely handed control of the Niagara peninsula to the USA was thwarted when one woman (Laura Secord) overheard the plans, walked 20 miles through the wilderness, and warned a British Lieutenant. The invading Americans were ambushed and promptly surrendered.

8. The largest population of tigers in the world is in the USA. The number of tigers in captivity now exceeds that of wild tigers.

9. The Villages is the largest gated retirement community in the USA, also has one of the fastest growing STD rates in the country.

10. On February 24, 1942, US Military ordered total black out of Los Angeles and fired 1,400 anti-air artillery and thousands of .50 caliber shots at a hovering object for 1 hour.

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11USA rugby team

USA rugby team

The USA won the last ever Olympic gold medal for rugby in 1924 and are therefore technically still reigning champions.

12. There are many people who live in Hawaii that refuse to be US citizens. They believe that the USA is occupying their country and that Hawaii is actually the property of the Hawaiian Kingdom, not the USA.

13. Scientists in 1916 felt America was degenerating into a second rate nationality. They listed the Top 20 threats to the USA: #8 America leads all nations in murders, #12 Hearty eating without exercise, #18 Remarkable cancer mortality increase.

14. The USA has a law (Guano islands act) that allows citizens to occupy any unclaimed island in the world, as long as there is seabird or bat poop on it.

15. The cost of the International Space Station is funded by the USA 81%, Russia 8%, Europe 3%, Japan 3%, and Canada 1%.

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16College textbooks cost

College textbooks cost

The cost of college textbooks has risen 812 percent since 1978, far outpacing the rise in costs for medical services and home prices in the USA.

17. Out of the 10,000 members of the Communist Party USA in 1957, 1,500 were FBI informants.

18. In 2015, a report found 100+ Walmart products labeled “Made in the USA” that are actually made elsewhere.

19. GPS is wholly controlled by the USA and can be ‘switched off’ at any time.

20. Atheists in the USA have disapproval rates higher than those of Muslims and homosexuals.

21Aussie Shampoo

Aussie Shampoo

The award-winning “Aussie Shampoo”, whose brand logo is a kangaroo, is sold in Europe, Britain, and the USA but not Australia. The company is based out of Ohio.

22. In the USA, you are statistically about twice as likely to kill yourself rather than be murdered.

23. Carbon Monoxide is used in the USA to make meat appear fresher. This practice is banned in Canada, Japan, Singapore, and the European Union.

24. The last man (James W. Rodgers ) to be executed by firing squad in the USA asked for a bulletproof vest as his last wish.

25. Most cheerleading apparel and equipment brands in the USA are owned by just one company (Varsity Brands), which also owns almost all of the regulatory bodies, and also runs the national competitions.

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