Buzz-Worthy Facts: 25 Astonishing Facts About Insects – Part 2

1Belgica antarctica

Belgica antarctica

Antarctica's largest native land animal is a 2mm-long insect called Belgica antarctica. It is the only insect that lives on the continent.

2Cuckoo bumblebee

Cuckoo bumblebee

The Cuckoo bumblebee has lost the ability to collect pollen and to rear their brood. Once a female has infiltrated a host colony, she will kill/subdue the queen of that colony and forcibly "enslave" the workers of that colony to feed her and her developing young.

3Ant and aphids

Ant and aphids

Ants herd and domesticate aphids to 'milk' them for honeydew nectar. They will move them to sweeter plants, and protect them from ladybugs.

4Ampulex dementor

Ampulex dementor

Ampulex dementor is a species of wasp that is named after the Dementors in Harry Potter series. This name was chosen to reflect the fact that the wasp uses a toxin to neutralize the neural behavior of cockroaches and makes them docile as if their souls had been sucked out.

5Kissing bugs

Kissing bugs

Triatomine bugs a.k.a kissing bugs attack humans when they are asleep at night as they tend to feed on people’s faces. After they bite and ingest blood, they defecate on the person to pass parasites that cause the Chagas disease.

6Female hangingflies

Female hangingflies

Female hangingflies demand a food gift before a male can mate with her. The bigger the gift, the longer it takes for her to eat it, and thus the longer she'll allow the male to mate with her.



Mayflies/Fishflies/Shadflies have been chosen as bio-indicators, markers of water quality in ecological assessments due to the fact that their larvae cannot survive in polluted aquatic habitats.

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Mosquitoes pee on you. As a mosquito sucks blood, it needs to get rid of the excess fluid.



The alpha female ant of the Dinoponera quadriceps species punishes any pretender by marking her for punishment by chemicals, then let the others immobilize and bite the criminal for 4 days. She is eventually released but loses her high rank.

10Male carpenter bees

Male carpenter bees

Male carpenter bees will attempt to scare humans away by hovering and buzzing near their faces.

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