99 Obscure Facts About US Presidents Every History Buff Should Know – Part 1

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26Political parties

George Washington, 1st President of the United States, specifically said that he didn't want Political Parties to existing.

27. On Feb 20th, 1792 George Washington signed the Postal Service Act, making it illegal for postal officials to open anyone's mail.

28. After his presidency, George Washington owned the largest whiskey distillery in the U.S.

29. George Washington's only military surrender was to the French.

30. In 1739, a 16-year-old girl named Eliza Lucas in South Carolina was instrumental in creating an economy accounting for 1/3 the value of the colony's output pre-Revolution. George Washington held her in such high esteem, upon her death he traveled to Philadelphia to be one of her pallbearers.

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31Newburgh Address

George Washington, the first President of USA, quelled an officer insurrection by putting on a new pair of spectacles while reading a letter to the group stating "Gentlemen, you must pardon me. I have grown gray in your service and now find myself growing blind." Many officers were moved to tears.

32. George Washington's best spy, code named 'Culper Jr.', was only identified as Robert Townsend nearly 150 years after the war because a Long Island historian named Morton Pennypacker recognized his handwriting from some business receipts and matched it to intelligence correspondence.

33. Conrad Heyer, a soldier who crossed the Delaware with George Washington and lived long enough to be photographed.

34. During the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, President George Washington became the only sitting president to ever lead troops in the field.

35. George Washington was so afraid of being buried alive that he asked his staff to wait two days after his death to be buried.

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George Washington was surprised to discover the Chinese weren't White.

37. One of the oldest companies in America sold soap to George Washington and many other presidents. They still sell the scents in the exact formulas today.

38. George Washington had to borrow money to travel to New York to be inaugurated as the first President.

39. George Washington almost joined the Royal Navy (British Navy) but his mom talked him out of it.

40. George Washington once said, "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

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41George Washington statue

The statue of George Washington in Trafalgar Square in London sits on imported soil from the US because Washington claimed 'he would never again step foot on English soil.'

42. In 1825, John Quincy Adams was inaugurated on a book of the law, not a Bible. The tradition of using a Bible was only documented for George Washington and presidents following Tyler.

43. In 1778, George Washington celebrated Independence day by giving his soldiers a double ration of rum.

44. George Washington had 124-126 Ounces of Blood Let Before His Death. Modern Physicians think that this was the cause of his death. A normal person has 162-185 oz of blood.

45. George Washinton's adopted son was the father-in-law of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

46Franklin D. Roosevelt

The original US Constitution set no term limits on the President. George Washington voluntarily retired from office after two terms, establishing an informal two-term limit. This custom lasted for nearly 150 years until Franklin D Roosevelt broke the tradition.

47. President George Washington was a lieutenant colonel in the British Army. He was unsuccessful in obtaining a royal commission but received a decree granting the British militia the same executive powers as commissioned officers. He is the only U.S President to have served the Crown.

48. In 2012, a woman successfully sold a Chicken McNugget on eBay for $8,100 because it looked like George Washington.

49. The term "Mr. President" has been used since George Washington took office. He preferred that over the more majestic titles proposed by the Senate.

50. A Native American served as George Washington's bodyguard.


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