97 Unbelievable Facts About Women Around the World

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76Credit cards

Credit cards

Up until 1974, banks could refuse to issue a credit card to a woman unless she was married and her husband co-signed for the card. A divorced woman was considered too much of a risk because she "couldn't keep a marriage under control."

77.  A former teacher named Mohan Kumar would befriend young women, have sex with them and convince them to take a "morning after pill". Little did they know, the morning after pills were cyanide capsules made by him. He killed twenty women this way.

78. International Women's Day was first celebrated in the Soviet Union and used to be called International Working Women's Day until 1975.

79. Nikola Tesla was voluntarily chaste, despite numerous women "vying for his affections some even madly in love with him", because he believed sex inhibited his abilities to think in a scientific manner.

80. There was a custom in ancient Babylon compelling all women at least once in their lives to go to the temple of Aphrodite and have sex with a stranger.

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81Women consumer

Women consumer

Women account for 85% of consumer spending in the United States.

82. When a woman is attracted to a man, she speaks in a higher pitch than she does normally.

83. The first woman to serve in the US Senate was Rebecca Latimer Felton in 1922. She was 87 and served for only one day. She championed prison reform, women's rights, and education. She was the last member of Congress to have owned slaves, was a white supremacist and openly supported lynching.

84. Groping is so common in Japan, signs warning of it are visible everywhere and train companies designate women-only cars where women can feel safe knowing they won't be groped.

85. Aaron Burr believed women to be intellectually equal to men and, upon his election to the New York State Legislature, submitted a bill to allow women to vote.

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86Lena Paahlsson

Lena Paahlsson

A woman named Lena Paahlsson lost her wedding ring for 16 years before finding it growing on a carrot in her garden.

87. Joseph Smith was killed by an angry mob while incarcerated. Smith had tried to suppress a local that had exposed Smith's practice of polygamy implying that he used his religion as a pretext to seduce and marry unassuming women including the wives of some of his closest associates.

88. In the 1600's London was plagued by an attacker who would grab unaccompanied women, lift their dress, smack their bare bottoms and yell "spanko!" while running away.

89. All U.S. Treasurers since 1949 have been women.

90. In 1770, the British Parliament passed a law condemning lipstick, stating that "women found guilty of seducing men into matrimony by a cosmetic means could be tried for witchcraft."

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91Women parking space

Women parking space

In China, some parking lots have spaces reserved for female parking. These spaces are wider and make parking easier and reduce accidents.

92. From 2005-2010, Prague had a brothel where men paid a one-time $23 fee, and women and couples entered for free. The catch was that their exploits were filmed and streamed online to paying customers.

93. Lipstick may contain metal in toxic amounts. Daily use of lipstick and/or lipgloss may expose women to excessive amounts of the metal chromium which is associated with stomach cancer. Also, 75% of products tested contain lead. There is no way for consumers to find out a product's metal content.

94. As First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt allowed only female journalists at her press conferences, ensuring that newspapers would have to hire women.

95. In North Korea women are not allowed to ride bikes, wedding ceremonies MUST be held before one of the 34,000 Kim-Il-Sung statues, and citizens must display in their homes a portrait of their leader.

96Ladies room

Ladies room

Women in the national House of Representatives did not get a nearby ladies room until 2011, almost 100 years after they first became present in the House.

97. In 1977, an Israeli cargo ship rescued 66 starving Vietnamese Men, women, and children, after their SOS signals had already been ignored by 4 other Countries. Israel then granted them all citizenship.

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