93 Lethal Facts About Guns You Should Know If You Handle One

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51Loyal dog

Loyal dog

A loyal dog once stopped his owner from committing suicide by knocking the gun out of the owner's hand.

52. In 1835, a house painter (Richard Lawrence) who believed he was the King of England tried twice to assassinate U.S. President Andrew Jackson at a funeral. Both guns misfired and Jackson, 67, beat the man with his cane. One of the people who restrained the would be assassin was Davy Crockett.

53. Ernest Hemingway used to hunt U-Boats in his fishing boat with direction-finding equipment, a machine gun, and hand grenades.

54. During WWII, when Sergeant Leonard A. Funk was confronted by 90 German soldiers that had captured his squad, he began to laugh hysterically at the situation. Many of the enemy soldiers began to laugh along with him, until Funk wiped out his machine gun, gunning down 21 and capturing the rest.

55. Daniel "Chappie" James Jr., the first African American to reach the rank of four-star general, had an Old West style standoff with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who complied and pulled back after James demanded him to move his hand away from his gun.

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56Apache Revolver

Apache Revolver

In the early 1900s, French gangsters used a weapon called an Apache Revolver that functioned as a revolver, a knife, and brass knuckles

57. During a delay in filming, Jon-Erik Hexum from 80's show "Voyagers!" was playing with a gun used for an upcoming scene. While passing the time he shot a blank into his temple and the blunt force from point blank range propelled pieces of his skull into his brain. He died 6 days later.

58. Audie Murphy, when asked after the war why he had seized the machine gun of a burning M10 tank destroyer and taken on an entire company of German infantry, he replied simply, "They were killing my friends."

59. The scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz had a gun throughout the movie, and he even pulled it out on the lion.

60. Guns are found in carry-ons at US airports five times a day.

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61Crown Prince Dipendra

Crown Prince Dipendra

In 2001, the heir (Crown Prince Dipendra) to the Nepalese throne killed the entire royal family before turning the gun on himself.

62. Axl Rose brutally beat and hospitalized his girlfriend, Erin Everly, on numerous occasions. He also, brought a gun when asking her to marriage threatening to kill himself had she declined.

63. A fur trapper named Ben Cochrum was attacked by wolves in 1922. After shooting seven wolves and beating four to death with his gun, the stock broke and he succumbed to being "torn to shreds". His body was found surrounded by the remains of the 11 wolves he had killed fighting for his life.

64. Louis Armstrong was 1 of the few people who could move between East and West Berlin without papers. "The East Germans had their guns out, looked at us and said 'Louis Armstrong.' They got his autograph and waved us on. On the US side; 'This is Satchmo!' Every night we went back and forth."

65. In 1984, in response to protests outside the Libyan embassy in London, machine gunfire was turned on protesters on the street from inside the embassy, hitting 11 people and killing a police officer (Yvonne Fletcher). This lead to an armed siege of the embassy by police and breaking off diplomatic relations.

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66200 Jews

200 Jews

In 1943, three Belgian men (Robert Maistriau, Youra Livchitz and Jean Franklemon) held up a train and liberated 200 Jews using only one gun and some wire cutters.

67. Over the past 50 years, gun owners are responsible for over $2 billion in wildlife conservation in the United States by means of a 10% tax on guns and ammo.

68. In 2008, a New Mexico man named Thomas Hickman tried to stage his suicide to look like a murder by tying the gun to helium-filled balloons. The lead agent solved the "murder" when others pointed out the same thing happened in an episode of CSI.

69. Having a swimming pool at home is 100 times more likely to lead to an accidental child death than having a gun at home

70. The final words of Terry Kath (from the band Chicago) were "Don't worry, it's not loaded" whilst playing with guns

71Battle of Tondibi

Battle of Tondibi

The Songhai Empire collapsed following a battle when their army released 1000 cattle to charge the invading Moroccans but the cattle turned around and stampeded the Songhai because the Moroccans fired their guns and cannons.

72. In 2008, a man named Bruce Jeffrey Pardo dressed up as Santa and used a homemade flamethrower and several guns to terrorize his ex-wife's family as revenge for their divorce

73. An American WWII fighter pilot named Robert "Bob" Klingman tried to open fire on a Japanese spy plane only to find his guns were jammed. So he used his propeller as a giant buzzsaw and chopped the tail off the enemy plane.

74. After Jesse James' death in 1882, his mother bought many second-hand guns and would sell them claiming them to have belonged to Jesse, leading many people to believe they owned a gun that had belonged to the infamous outlaw

75. In Arizona, it is legal for any citizen to carry a gun, but it is illegal to carry nunchucks.

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