83 Skookum Facts About Canada Very Few People Know

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76George Street

George Street in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America.

77. One day in 1871, Canada was perfectly visible from Rochester, NY. The phenomenon was known as the Rochester Mirage

78. There is a ghost town in northern British Columbia (Kitsault town), Canada that was abandoned almost overnight in 1983. Everything is still there and the power is still on. The whole town was purchased by an American who wants to turn it into a resort for intellectuals.

79. A Canada couple engaged in a neighbor feud dumped massive piles of fresh cow manure along their property line. A judge found them guilty of using the poop as a tool of harassment and fined them $15,000.

80. There's a part of Canada that has black bears, grizzly bears, AND polar bears.

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81Manicouagan crater

It is theorized that impact craters in North Dakota, Canada, France, and Ukraine were all made from the same asteroid that broke apart before impacting Earth 214 million years ago. Today they are no longer in a straight line due to plate tectonics.

82. There are isolated communities in Eastern Canada that speak Gaelic

83. Canada has a free service to return lost keys to their owners. So far over 1.5 million keys have been returned



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