83 Ruthless Facts About The World’s Most Vicious Mobs and Gangs

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51Vito Rizzuto

While a Canadian Mafia boss was incarcerated his father, son, brother in law and a close associate were all murdered. Upon his release, he orchestrated the deaths of 11 people in retaliation and evaded both injuries and re-incarceration before dying of cancer.

52. The Bulgarian mafia has killed the head of the same football team six times

53. Discovery Channel's reality show "Amish Mafia" is an elaborate hoax

54. In the 1940s, the LAPD set up "Gangster Squad", an off the books black ops unit that destroyed mafia businesses and went after corrupt cops. This became the LAPD Intelligence Unit.

55. Italian Mafia has a budget of $225 billion if it was a company, it would be 10th biggest in the world.

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56Craig Jurisevic

In 1999, a young trainee surgeon named Craig Jurisevic traveled to Kosovo to provide medical help to victims of war. In a strange turn of events, Craig Jurisevic became a Mafia target and played a part in the bombing of 400 Serbian forces.

57. One of the eight rules in the American mafia is that you cannot have facial hair.

58. The CIA released reports in 2007 detailing how it partnered with the Mafia to assassinate Castro

59. Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd was a great depression-era gangster and notorious bank robber, endeared himself to the public by destroying mortgage papers at the banks he robbed, freeing many from their debts.

60. In the early 1900s, French gangsters used a weapon called an Apache Revolver that functioned as a revolver, a knife, and brass knuckles

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61Whitey Bulger

Whitey Bulger, the notorious gangster, had served time in the maximum security prison of Alcatraz for four years. Later, while on the lam as one of America's most wanted federal fugitives, he went back to tour the facility.

62. There was a real-life gangster nicknamed Fat Tony who died in a Springfield.

63. In 1946, a man claiming to be a detective gave a pedestrian a camera and asked her to take a picture of a suspect. The "detective" turned out to be a gangster, the "suspect" turned out to be his ex-wife, and the "camera" turned out to be a concealed shotgun firing via the shutter button.

64. After a Hong Kong gangster named Cheung Tze Keung kidnapped the son of Asia's richest man and extracted a $130 million ransom, he phoned up the tycoon to ask advice on how to invest the money

65. The movies "Goodfellas" and "My Blue Heaven" are based on the same real-life gangster, Henry Hill.

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66Spets tv show

In the early 2000s, a group of Siberian gangsters shot a seven-part TV series (Spets tv show) depicting their lives. There were no stuntmen; all the blood and bullets were real.

67. A Russian gangster named Nikolai Sutyagin spent 15 years building a personal wooden skyscraper at 144 feet 13 stories, it was the tallest stick-frame house in the world until it was partially demolished then burned down in a fire.

68. In 1939, the famous and notorious gangster, Al Capone donated two Japanese weeping cherry trees to the former Union Memorial Hospital in return for the excellent treatment and care he was offered and one of the trees still remains and blossoms outside the East 33rd Street entrance each spring.

69. Gangster, Al Capone started one of the first Soup Kitchens during the Great Depression for the unemployed.

70. Cliff Curtis, a Maori from New Zealand who has played just about every ethnicity Hollywood has thrown his was including an Arab in Three Kings, a Chicano gangster in Training Day, Pablo Escobar in Blow, and the Lord of the Fire Nation in the Last Airbender.


Tajiri, a former WWE wrestler, refused the WWE writers' proposal of being portrayed as/associated with a Japanese gangster gimmick as he feared that it might anger the real Japanese Yakuza

72. Robert 'Yummy' Sandifer was a gangster who was charged with arson, murder and armed robbery and was later executed by fellow gang members. He was only 11 years old.

73. Gangster Frank Gusenberg was hit 14 times during the Valentine's Day Massacre and, as he lay dying, police asked who had shot him. He said, "Nobody shot me."

74. Only one man was willing to testify against gangster Al Capone and was likely killed because of it. Two years later, the man's son was Awarded the Medal of Honor and became the first Ace fighter pilot in US Navy history for being the lone pilot to defend his carrier against a Japanese attack.

75. On May 2, 1957, an Assassin approached Gangster Frank Costello and shot him in the head, first shouting "This is for you, Frank!". Instead of killing Frank, the bullet circled Frank's scalp from ear to ear harmlessly. The Assassin's warning saved his life.


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