83 Fascinating Facts About American Conglomerates

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76Vioxx Scandal

Vioxx Scandal

Vioxx was a drug produced by Merck & Co, which resulted in the death of approximately 60,000 people. The company allegedly was aware of the side effects and did not withdraw the drug from the market until the FDA caught on.

77. Sears once used to sell an entire house as a giant mail-order DIY kit. There were over 370 home designs, and the house had over 30,000 parts worth 25 tons. Sears claimed a man of “average” abilities could assemble it in 90 days.

78. An Oregon survey found that panhandlers outside of Wal-Mart were making more than the employees working inside.

79. An investment bank that lost 75% of its employees in 9/11 sued American Airlines for negligence in allowing terrorists on board and won $135 million.

80. Procter & Gamble has spent decades and millions to suppress rumors that the executives worship Satan and that their profits support the Church of Satan.

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81FC5 Potato

FC5 Potato

Pepsico wholly owns the rights to a variety of potato known as FC5, grown exclusively for their Lay's potato chips. In April, Pepsico sued four farmers in India for illegally growing and dealing their patented potato variety.

82. In 1975 P&G released the super-absorbent and long-lasting 'Rely' Tampon brand, marketed under the tagline “It Even Absorbs the Worry.” However, because women left the tampon in so long, the bloody tampon was the perfect environment to culture bacteria, causing an epidemic of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

83. Goldman Sachs maintains its own proprietary programming language (Slang) that is known only to its employees.

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