80 Administrative Facts About US Presidents For History Buffs – Part 2

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76Benjamin Helm

When Abraham Lincoln's brother-in-law Confederate General Benjamin Helm was killed in battle in 1863, Lincoln and his wife went into private mourning at the White House to avoid criticism. The widowed Emilie Todd Helm was granted safe passage to the White House.

77. Contrary to popular belief, King Mongkut of Siam's proposed gift of elephants to Abraham Lincoln was not meant to be used to combat the Confederacy, but rather to create a feral pack of elephants in the US for future use.

78. Abraham Lincoln dressed up as a Scottish immigrant in order to escape an assassination attempt on his way to Washington for his Inauguration.

79. There was a man still alive in 1963 who had viewed Abraham Lincoln in an open casket.

80. Andrew Johnson got "really, extremely, terribly, in furiously, youthfully drunk" after the death of Abraham Lincoln and then continued to take his Presidential Oath of Office hungover.


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