79 Refreshing Facts about Nature’s Boon to Earth – Forests

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51Turkeys reintroduction

When turkeys were reintroduced to New England, they chose to live in cities instead of the forests turkeys as living in tandem with humans dramatically improved their survival rate

52. Liquindi, or Pygmy water drumming, is practiced by the Baka Forest People of Central Africa. Tones are produced by trapping air in one's hands and hitting the surface of the water, to create percussive musical rhythms.

53. In Japan, there is something called "Forest bathing" that involves taking long walks in the forest and "is regarded as being similar to natural aromatherapy

54. The last known "wild Indian" (i.e. one knowing nothing about American/European culture) emerged from his isolated forest home in 1911 and spent the rest of his life living with, working with, and being studied by anthropologists.

55. The Lyme disease bacteria is actually transmitted from mice to ticks. And that humans have greatly contributed to outbreaks by causing forest fragmentation and killing predators.

56Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto created the Legend of Zelda based on his childhood memories, drawing inspiration from wandering around the countryside and exploring actual forests and caves.

57. There are two towers in Milan called the Bosco Verticale that are host to more than 700 trees constituting more than 90 species. The name literally means 'Vertical Forest'

58. Redwood Trees need forest fires to germinate their seeds.

59. Bamboo blossoms grow only once in every 120 years and when it does the entire bamboo forest dies.

60. Near-surface fires (like a campfire)can catch and burn underground for years, destroying the complex root systems of trees. In addition, these fires can pop up in places miles from its origin and cause a forest fire.

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61Nobuo Fujita

A Japanese plane, launched from a submarine in World War 2, bombed the US mainland in Oregon in an attempt to ignite a forest fire. The pilot returned in 1962 to make amends.

62. The oldest known living organism is an 80,000-year-old tree that looks like an entire forest.

63. There is a multiplayer game called 'The Endless Forest' in which the player is a deer in a peaceful forest without goals or the ability to chat.

64. Once considered to be a mythical creature just like the unicorn, the Okapi is a short-necked cousin of the giraffe and lives in the rain forest.

65. There was a massive residential scheme that failed in Florida leaving a massive system of canals and barren roads that you can easily see in Google Maps that is now called Picayune Strand State Forest.

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66Agustín Fuente

A National Geographic researcher got lost in a rain forest in Borneo. He found an orangutan being rehabilitated by his camp, which safely guided him back.

67. Forest fires can create lightning

68. Some baboons use birth control. Female baboons in the Nigerian rainforest make seasonal use of the African black plum to increase progesterone levels, which halts their reproductive cycles.

69. In 1993, the state of Idaho billed a retired couple $1.3 million dollars to put out a forest fire that was ignited when a car towed by the couple's RV blew a tire and caught fire, with the sparks and burning debris left along the road for eight miles until they noticed a problem.

70. Madagascar's "protected" rosewood forests (some of the earth's last hardwood) are being cut down for Chinese furniture and musical instruments.

71Battle of Bulge

The world's first helicopter attack on armored targets was carried out by Nazi Germany during the Battle of the Bulge when a squadron of 5 FI-282 B2's knocked out two American tanks in the Ardennes Forest.

72. Scalesia pedunculata, a member of the daisy family found in the Galapagos Archipelago. Since it is difficult for trees to colonize isolated volcanic islands like the Galapagos, this plant has evolved a treelike form (growing up to 66 ft tall) and spreads across the islands in large forests.

73. According to a flat earth theory our forests are not "real", thousands of years ago, 99% of the Earth’s biosphere were destroyed, and the real forests were taken away. Real trees were hundreds of kilometers tall, magical organisms that sustained a total living ecology of the flat earth.

74. Orangutan means the person of the forests in Malay.

75. The Aokigahara forest in Japan is a place where hundreds of people go to and continue to go to for the sole purpose of committing suicide.


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