60 Weird Abandoned (Ghost Towns) & Uninhabited Places

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51 Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly

On the Isles of Scilly, all the uninhabited islands, islets and rocks, and much of the untenanted land on the inhabited islands are managed by the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, which leases these lands from the Duchy for the rent of one daffodil per year.

52. Poveglia is an uninhabited and supposedly haunted Venetian island which has been in the past been used as a defensive fort, a quarantine station, a confinement area for the sick, and a mental asylum.

53. Portugal has a group of uninhabited islands in the North Atlantic named ‘Big Savage’ and ‘Little Savage.’

54. There is an island in Hawai’i called Kahoolawe (a.k.a. “Target Island”) which was made uninhabitable by over 50 years of bombings.

55. There is an uninhabited island in Finland called Saaranpaskantamasaari. The name translates to “an island that was shat by Saara (a woman’s name).”

56 Montserrat


The capital of Montserrat, a United Kingdom territory has been abandoned since a volcano destroyed it in 1997. It is the only ghost town that is also the capital of a political territory.

57. Gillam, Manitoba is one of the largest cities or towns in Canada by area. The ghost town of Sundance whose purpose was to facilitate the building of the Limestone Generating Station is also within Gillam. Once a busy, fully functioning town, it has since been abandoned and torn down.

58. A black community in Rosewood, Florida was burned to the ground in 1923 in a racially motivated attacked. Even today it still remains a ghost town.

59. The sixth edition of the International Hide and Seek Championship was held in the ghost town of Consonno in Italy.

60. There is a “small ghost town” in New York City. ‘The Hole’ is an area in Queens built too close to the water table. It is mostly abandoned, usually flooded, and was once a body-dumping ground for the mafia.

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