50 Weird Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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1 Roy Sullivan

Roy Sullivan

The 7th time that park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning coincided with the 22nd time he fought off a bear with a stick.

2 Chandre Oram

Chandre Oram

Chandre Oram, an Indian tea estate worker is famous for having a 33 cm (13 inches) long tail, which has made him an object of devotion to many, who believe him to be an incarnation of Hanuman, a Hindu deity associated with monkeys.

3 Michel Lotito

Michel Lotito

A man named Michel Lotito in his lifetime dissembled and consumed (among other things) 18 bicycles, 15 shopping carts, 7 TVs and 1 Cessna aircraft. He was awarded a brass plaque by the Guinness Book of Records, which he also ate.

4 Andrew Kapongo Ilunga

Andrew Kapongo Ilunga

Andrew Kasongo Ilunga was the rising star of Congolese politics in 2006. Just 34, he had risen from obscurity to be appointed minister for foreign trade in Congo’s first democratic government, despite being completely fictional.

5 Abcde


There are 328 human people named “Abcde” in the United States.

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6 Disco Demolition Night

Disco Demolition Night

In 1979, a stadium hosted Disco Demolition Night. The cost was ¢99 if you brought a disco record. 50,000 people showed up to see them blow up the records in between games. Thousands rushed the field in a frenzy. This is referred to as “The Night Disco Died” and is linked to the decline of the genre.

7 Virgin boy eggs

Virgin boy eggs

Virgin boy eggs is a traditional springtime dish from Dongyang, China in which eggs are boiled in the urine of young peasant boys, preferably under the age of 10. The eggs have been listed by officials in China as a part of the region’s “local intangible cultural heritage.”

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8 Charles Domery

Charles Domery

Charles Domery was an 18th-century soldier known for his immense appetite. During his service, he ate dozens of live cats, pounds of raw meat and grass, and once tried to eat a companion’s severed leg before it was wrestled from him.

9 Project Steve

Project Steve

A conservative think tank compiled a list of 700 scientists who publicly rejected evolution in favor of creationism. In response, the NCSE launched “Project Steve” and found 1,250 scientists named Steve who supported evolution.

10 Pedro Lascuráin

Pedro Lascuráin

Pedro Lascuráin (34th president of Mexico) holds the record for the shortest presidency in the world. He was in office for only 45 minutes and then quit.

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