50 Sporty Facts About World’s Top Athletes


31Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

After Nike released Air Jordan sneakers in 1985, the NBA banned Michael Jordan from wearing them because its colors didn’t match his team’s uniform. Nike supposedly paid the fine of $5000 the NBA charged Jordan each game so he would continue wearing them.

32Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen, has earned more money in modeling and business than he has in the NFL at near $300 million next to his $120 million. She has also made more money than just about every other Pro-Athlete in History.

33Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

The night before the Olympic final, Michael Jordan apparently spent the night drinking and gambling all night, then he went on a long day of press appearances, plus 18 holes of golf in Barcelona before he went on to lead Team USA in a gold-medal-winning victory over Croatia.

34Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

In 1990 Muhammad Ali went to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein about releasing 15 American civilians being held in Iraq by Hussein against their will. After meeting with Hussein, Ali got all 15 American prisoners released and they returned to America 3 days later.

35Athletes Sleep

Athletes Sleep

Elite athletes sleep longer than average humans. Roger Federer sleeps 12 hours a day. Usain Bolt 9-10 hours a day. Le Bron James also sleeps 12 hours. For a long time, while he was struggling with his form, Tiger Woods had a sleep disorder.

36Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

American basketball player Wilt Chamberlain once challenged Muhammad Ali to a boxing match. Wilt was a foot taller, 60 pounds heavier, and had a 92-inch reach. During a joint press conference, Ali answered every question with “Timberrrrr!” After breaking to meet with his lawyers, Wilt returned and called the fight off.

37Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson was drafted in the first round of the 1986 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he refused to sign because he believed that they tried to sabotage his baseball career by purposefully making him ineligible for his senior season.

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38Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan took home economics in high school to learn to cook because he was worried his big ears would make it hard to find a woman who would want to marry him.

39David Beckham

David Beckham

Snoop Dogg and David Beckham are such good friends that Snoop sends Beckham his new music before it’s officially released.

40Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to get any tattoos on his body just so he can continue on donating blood.


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