50 Random Facts List #45

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26 Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Despite its name, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the show hasn’t actually aired live since 2004, when censors were unable to properly bleep a swearing rant from actor Thomas Jane.

27. Warriors on the Pacific Island of Kiribati fought with porcupinefish helmets and wooden swords lined with shark’s teeth.

28. When famed reclusive author Thomas Pynchon appeared as himself on The Simpsons, he refused to speak one of the lines in which he was supposed to call Homer a “fat a*s,” arguing he couldn’t possibly say anything bad about his “role model”.

29. Phasing out large currencies reduce crime and corruption because smaller currencies increase the amount of space and weight needed to transport, store, and process cash while maintaining the same value.

30. “Chemo curls” is a documented phenomenon that can occur after chemotherapy where one’s hair structure can completely change from blonde to dark and/or straight to curly and vise versa.



Several high school friends formed the Committee to End Pay Toilets in America (CEPTIA) in 1968, which eventually led to laws banning pay toilets in several states.

32. In order to eliminate gender bias, many orchestras use blind auditions in which the candidates play their instrument behind a screen.

33. There are now more overweight than underweight people in the world.

34. The generation born between 1925 and 1945 is called the “silent generation” because many focused on their careers rather than on activism, and people in it were largely encouraged to conform with social norms.”

35. There are only 6 ingredients in Spam: ham, salt, water, sugar, sodium nitrite and potato starch.

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36 Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships

There is a Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia. You can go and leave there personal objects left by former lovers, accompanied by brief descriptions.

37. Police officer James Niggemeyer who took out Dimebag Darrell’s killer was so affected by the incident that he had to give up his career due to PTSD and severe anxiety disorder.

38. Danny DeVito was hired for TV show Taxi after he came in for the audition during a long casting process and said: “Which of you guys wrote this sh*t”?

39. Moriusaq, Greenland had a population of 3 in 2009. A case of self-defense dropped the population to 2.

40. The police in China are forcing drivers to stare into full-beam headlights as a punishment for dazzling others.

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41 Sears employment

Sears employment

At one point in the 1970s, 1 out of every 204 working Americans was employed by Sears.

42. If the antler growth tissue is surgically removed and grafted to another part of the deer’s body, an antler will grow there.

43. Designed by Benjamin Franklin, the first official American Cent (Fugio Cent) was inscribed with the words, “Mind Your Business”.

44. A mummified dinosaur was found in Alberta in 2011.

45. Gargoyles are designed to spout water. Though often called gargoyles, other statues on gothic buildings are properly called chimeras or grotesques.

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46 Android phone

Android phone

Microsoft was making $5-15 on every Android phone sold because of patents, peaking at $2 billion in 2013.

47. An American researcher on Chinese history named Jeremy Brown, was able to uncover sensitive information on the Cultural Revolution through “garbology” or by digging through archival materials at flea markets and vendors because access to the official archives is strictly controlled by the Chinese government.

48. The “Tetris” tune is actually a 150-year-old Russian folk song in which a street vendor flirts with a customer while haggling over goods.

49. The Bermuda Land Snail was thought to have gone extinct in the 70s. In 2014, many were rediscovered in a Hamilton city alleyway. The snails had colonized the alley early on and the surrounding city shielded them from the threats that wiped out the rest of the species.

50. U.S. landlords cannot legally deny residence or charge additional pet rent and/or pet deposits for tenants with emotional support animals [ESAs]. Your pet can be declared an ESA for a variety of issues, including depression and social anxiety, with as little as a doctor’s note.

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