50 Random Facts List #43

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After observing how long guests would hold onto garbage before littering at other amusement parks, Walt Disney placed each trash can no more than 30 feet apart.

2. Tests have been done since 1933 that show that people who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen.

3. "The Sopranos" was so accurate that on Monday morning when the FBI listened to their wiretaps, the real mob would be discussing the show and thought they had somebody on the inside. They couldn't believe how accurate the show was.

4. Billionaire Howard Hughes bought a casino for the sole purpose of moving its trademark neon silver slipper. Visible from Hughes' bedroom, it had apparently kept him awake at night.

5. The first recorded instance of a man "giving no fu*ks" was George Tucker in 1790. Writing about his son's bookish tendencies, his poem says, "I'd not give a fu*k for all you've read".

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6Video camera

Video camera

The video camera that recorded the only known footage of the first plane strike on 9/11 is now in the Smithsonian Museum.

7. Once the Tesla Gigafactory is operating at 100% capacity, it will churn out more lithium-ion batteries in one year than were produced worldwide in 2013.

8. People tend to significantly overestimate how noticeable their embarrassing behaviors are to others, due to a cognitive bias is known as the Spotlight Effect.

9. Beyonce's hit song "Run the World (Girls)" is a heavily sampled version of a song by 3 men, and was co-written by 2 other men. The only female writer or producer involved in the song was Beyonce herself.

10. The US government poisoned industrial alcohol during Prohibition, leading to the deaths of around 10,000 people.

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11Moses Montefiore

Moses Montefiore

An anti-Semitic nobleman once allegedly told Moses Montefiore that he had recently visited Japan, where "they have neither pigs nor Jews." In response, Montefiore said that they should both go there so that it will have one of each.

12. Oakley had a pricing dispute with conglomerate Luxottica who responded by dropping the brand in all their stores, causing Oakley's stock to drop. Luxottica then bought out the company. They own Sunglasses Hut, LensCrafters, PearleVision, Target Optical, and several licenses such as Ray-Ban.

13. In 1973, science historian James Burke predicted the widespread use of computers for business decisions, the creation of metadata banks of personal information, and changes in human behaviour, such as greater willingness to reveal personal information to strangers.

14. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, they limited the onscreen blood from gunshots during the truck chase by using fine red dust instead of liquid fake blood. Unfortunately, the only red dust available for the squibs was Cayenne Pepper, which caused a lot of suffering for the stunt crew.

15. The vestal virgins were a group of six women recruited at age six to tend the flame of the goddess Vesta. Expected to serve for 30 yrs, if their virginity ever came into question they were buried alive as punishment.

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16Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus

When Carl Linnaeus was in Hamburg, the mayor proudly showed him the remains of a seven-headed hydra. Linnaeus found out the remains were fake and made it public. As a result, Linnaeus was forced to leave Hamburg immediately, as he crushed the mayor's dream of selling the hydra for a large sum.

17. In London during the 1930s, infants were commonly hung outside apartment windows in "Baby Cages" so that they could get enough fresh air and sunlight.

18. American guitarist Jimi Hendrix was discharged from the army due to sleeping on duty and being caught masturbating.

19. A whale's skull is so thick that it requires a world war 2 anti-tank rifle to euthanize one that has beached itself.

20. Adult Swim put an entire episode of Rick and Morty (Rixty Minutes) on Instagram using 109 15 second clips, in reverse order, so that viewers couldn't watch sequentially until the last clip was posted. They said, "It's our latest frustrating exercise in audience engagement."

21Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss

Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17-year-old girl named Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss when he was 39 years old.

22. The shortest scientific paper ever published had zero words. A clinical psychologist Dennis Upper attempted an experiment: to combat writer’s block by writing about it. His experiment failed, but no results are results all the same, and the paper was published.

23. "On Broadway" versus "Off Broadway" refers not to location but theater capacity. A play/musical is considered "on Broadway" if the theater seats 500+ while an "off-Broadway" theater seats between 100-499. "Off-off Broadway" refers to venues that seat less than 100.

24. Dorothy Kilgallen was a panelist on the hit TV show "What's My Line?", died under what some consider mysterious circumstances while investigating the assassination of JFK. Shortly before she died, she told a friend, "I'm going to break the real story and have the biggest scoop of the century."

25. Walt Disney personally hated the Goofy character and found its cartoons to be 'stupid'. The only reason he didn't axe the character is because it gave work to so many animators.

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  1. 46:
    That’s because there are more type “O”s than any other blood type.
    you could say more type O blood types are likely to die after reading a newspaper and you would be right.
    Stupid Entry.



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