50 Random Facts List #3

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1Aktarer Zaman

Aktarer Zaman

A man named Aktarer Zaman was once sued by United Airlines for making a site which helps people find cheaper flight tickets

2. In the USA if you are delayed by an airline by more than 4 hours for actions within their control (overbooking) you are entitled to 4x the face vale of the ticket capped at $1300.

3. German animal protection law prohibits the killing of vertebrates without proper reason. Because of this ruling, all German animal shelters are no-kill shelters.

4. The voice of South Park's "Chef," Isaac Hayes, did not personally quit the show as Stone and Parker had thought. They later found out that his Scientologist assistants resigned on his behalf after Hayes had a stroke, possibly without his knowledge, according to Hayes' son.

5. A small lake (Lake Nyos) in Africa killed 1,700 villagers and 3,500 livestock overnight when it suddenly released 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide, suffocating everything within 16 miles. Scientists still don't know what triggered the event.

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6Susanna M. Salter

Susanna M. Salter

America's first female mayor (Susanna M. Salter) was elected in 1887. A group of men nominated her as a joke, but she won over 60 percent of the vote.

7. Finnish police found a dead mosquito while searching a stolen car. They tested the blood from the mosquito's last meal and used it to identify the thief.

8. British reporter Clare Hollingworth broke the news of Hitler invading Poland. British embassy didn't believe her until she held a telephone out of the window of her room to capture the ongoing sounds of war. Hers was the 1st report the British Foreign Office received about the invasion of Poland

9. A researcher in Antarctica got a date via Tinder with a woman who was at a field camp 45 minutes away

10. The Rajneeshee bioterror attack, in 1984 a cult sprayed salmonella on doorknobs and food in a town in Oregon to poison people so they would be too sick to vote and the cult could take over the town. It was the largest biological attack in U.S. history

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11U.S. forensic labs

U.S. forensic labs

Target has 2 U.S. based forensic labs where they solve retail crimes, felonies, homicides, and special circumstances cases for law bureaus that need the extra manpower, facilities, resources and time free of charge.

12. The maned wolf is the largest canid of South America. It looks more like a long-legged fox than a wolf. Genetic studies show that it is neither fox nor true wolf, but a distinct species. It is the only member of its genus, Chrysocyon.

13. British actors are usually cast in American movies as the villain because we associate the received pronunciation with high intellect and low morals.

14. Dr. James D. Watson, Nobel Prize winner & co-discoverer of DNA's double helix structure, believed that babies shouldn't be considered alive until 3 days after birth so that if the baby is sick, disabled, deformed, or deemed otherwise unacceptable, the baby can be legally left to die or euthanized.

15. George Clooney once was asked if he would ever play a gay role, his response was "I already did as Batman"

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Ravens can speak better than parrots, enjoy playing in the snow, make their own toys, and do weird things with ants

17. Disney almost made 'The Dark Kingdom' at Walt Disney World, a Fifth Park that was themed around its Villains

18. The name Hotmail was chosen because it contains HTML, and was originally styled HoTMaiL.

19. There is a pecan pie vending machine in Cedar Creek, Texas. The machine is open 24/7, is stocked daily, and contains full-sized pies and other sweet pecan treats.

20. In 2015 a man called into C-SPAN and began talking about West Philadelphia, and got all the way through the first two stanzas of the "Fresh Prince" theme song before being cut off



Just before going out of business, the founder of FEDEX took the companies last $5,000, went to vegas and played blackjack, winning enough money to keep the company afloat.

22. Actor J.K. Simmons is the voice of the yellow M&M and has been for over 20 years.

23. In Star Wars legends, Jar Jar Binks was given a father, named George R Binks, who was so ashamed of his son that he attempted suicide. In order to talk him down, his wife told him to think of his son. He then pulled the trigger

24. Schrödinger did not believe in the possibility of a cat being simultaneously both dead and alive. His thought experiment was meant to criticize the absurdity of the existing view of quantum mechanics.

25. Electric cars and cabs were quite common in 1909, had a range of over 100 miles, had charging stations every few blocks in NY, were quite popular with women, and people would wait for an electric cab instead of taking a gasoline cab

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