50 Random Facts List #114

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26Monkey Love Experiments

Monkey Love Experiments

During the “Monkey Love Experiments,” infant monkeys were housed with two artificial mothers: one, made only of wire, dispensed food, while the other had no food but was made of soft terrycloth. The monkeys spent nearly all of their time clinging to the soft mother despite the lack of food.

27. In the 1940s, a Californian night school teacher discovered fossils in a local quarry and formed a small archeological group consisting of his students, whom he taught how to uncover fossils. One of their discoveries included an Antelope with four antlers.

28. Some scientists theorize that the origin of life is just the inevitable outcome of thermodynamics as a middle-step to increase overall entropy in the universe.

29. Captain Herbert Sobel (portrayed by David Schwimmer in 'Band of Brothers') landed at Normandy, fought in World War 2 and received a bronze star. He later attempted suicide but failed, blinding himself. He died from malnutrition 17 years later. No services were held after his death.

30. Tom and Jerry cartoon ranks number 58 in Japan's top 100 animated tv series of all time list.

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31Martin Scorsese

Martin  Scorsese

At the 1978 Cannes Film Festival, while giving interview after interview, Martin Scorsese ran out of cocaine and found it impossible to continue. "No more coke, no more interviews," he declared.

32. Since the island of Bermuda does not have any fresh-water, all of the houses there have to collect water from rainfall with their specially designed roofs.

33. When the Sawback Black Bayonet is plunged into the enemy, it pulls out the victim’s insides when removed, causing an exceptionally painful death. French and British soldiers would execute captured Germans on sight who were in possession of the blade.

34. North and South Korea engaged in a ‘flagpole war’ during the 1980s to build the tallest flagpole. This resulted in North Korea having the tallest flagpole in the world for over a decade at 160 meters high.

35. After World War 2, the US government could not account for 7 German prisoners of war. The last of them, Georg Gärtner, surrendered himself on the 'Today Show' in 1985.

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36Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

As a teenager when Charles Darwin showed no interest in becoming a doctor, his father told him "You care for nothing but shooting, dogs, and rat-catching, and you will be a disgrace to yourself and all your family."

37. John Cena holds the celebrity record for most wishes granted for the Make-A-Wish foundation with over 500 wishes.

38. Former NBA player Andrew Bynum was once thrown out of a team practice session because he kept shooting the ball whenever he touched it, regardless of how far away he was from the basket.

39. In 1940, two military aircraft collided in mid-air. They became stuck on top of each other. The pilot of the plane on top used the engines of the bottom plane to land both of them together.

40. Jules Winfield, the character that Samuel L. Jackson played in “Pulp Fiction,” was never supposed to have jheri curls. That wig was brought to the set by mistake. Instead, Jules was supposed to have an afro.

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41Valentine Tapley

Valentine Tapley

A man named Valentine Tapley swore to never shave again if Abraham Lincoln were to be elected president, and he kept his promise. His beard eventually grew so long that most days he tied it in a knot and stuffed it into a silk bag that he wore beneath his vest. He died 50 years later at the age of 80 with a beard 12.5 feet long.

42. Before he became a founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin established one of America’s first volunteer fire departments.

43. In 2014, a sinkhole opened up under the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. The 40 foot wide sinkhole swallowed eight rare or one-of-a-kind cars but didn't impact the structural integrity of the building.

44. Cruise ships are required to carry body bags and maintain a small morgue in the event of a death onboard.

45. The original ending to 'Back to the Future' would have Marty driving 88 mph towards a nuclear blast in a nuclear test site. However, Universal deemed it too expensive to shoot in the desert, so the lightning scene was instead shot at the Universal backlot and is shown in the final version.



In 1984, an animator named Jim Jenkins had a rough breakup and suffered injuries in a biking accident. He gained a new outlook on life and desired a world “where there is no overdue rent and no delinquent phone bills”. This inspired the creation of Bluffington, the hometown of Nickelodeon's Doug.

47. A completely blind atheist named Thomas Gore was Oklahoma's first US Senator.

48. A library named Biblioteca Joanina in Portugal unleashes a swarm of bats every night to combat book-damaging pests.

49. In 2011, a Thai army helicopter crashed in the jungle on its way to retrieve the bodies from a Thai army helicopter crash that itself was trying to retrieve the bodies of another army helicopter crash. In total, 17 people were killed.

50. The Phoenix Suns got their mascot by accident when a messenger from a singing telegram service came to a home game dressed as a gorilla. Before he left, security suggested he do a few dances underneath the basket. Fans loved it and he kept coming to games until it was made official.


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