50 Random Facts List #11

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In 2016, it was discovered that Beyonce's "Empower Women" clothing line was made by women sweatshop laborers working on less than £5 a day.

2. In 1988, a retired police officer found Cyril Smith, British MP with 144 accusations of child molestation and abuse, in a home with a sex offender and two drunk teenage boys. He was threatened to be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act. Nothing happened.

3. In order to ensure Kendrick Lamar didn't have a ghostwriter, Eminem kicked everyone out of the studio and made him write a verse on the spot

4. Due to a Copyright error that was just discovered in 2015, the Happy Birthday song had been falsely copyrighted for 80 years

5. Colored toilet paper used to be really popular back in the 70's, especially matching it to your bathroom decor. Doctors warnings and possible damage to the environment affected sales so badly companies stopped making it.

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6Barn owls

Barn owls

Many wineries use barn owls instead of poison for rodent control

7. Tom Cruise sent letters and gifts to the boy who originally played the little boy in "Jerry Maguire" but was replaced by Jonathan Lipnicki because he "just didn’t want that first actor to go to the movies, look at the screen and think he’d failed. I wanted him to love movies his entire life."

8. Rainbows can be formed at night. They are called 'Moonbows'.

9. Ants can combine multiple colonies into "Supercolonies" which contain multiple queens. One of the largest on record included an estimated 306 million worker ants and one million queen ants living in 45,000 interconnected nests.

10. Connecticut teacher Julie Amero was convicted of sex offenses after a computer virus caused Porn Pop Ups to be displayed in her classroom. The felony convictions eventually vacated, she was still required to surrender her teaching license.

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An Albatross (bird) can sleep while flying to avoid predators such as whales and sharks.

12. The lyrics to Elton John's 'Rocket Man' were meant to be taken literally and it is about a Mars-bound astronaut leaving his family to do his job.

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't allowed to voice himself in the German dub of "The Terminator" because the producers thought that his Austrian accent wasn't tough enough for the Terminator. In fact, he's never dubbed himself in all of his movies since.

14. The postal code of the North Pole is H0H 0H0 in reference to Santa

15. A man faked his death to make his wife realize how much she missed him. He left his clothes on the beach and placed an anonymous call to police to say he'd just seen a naked man walk into the sea. But he was soon discovered and his wife filed for divorce after learning about the prank.

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16African Elephants

African Elephants

African elephants are being born without tusks due to poaching, according to researchers

17. Rolling luggage wasn't invented until 1970, and initially, stores didn't want to stock it.

18. Between 1975 and 2008, the number of products in the average supermarket swelled from an average of 8,948 to almost 47,000

19. In Puerto Rico, about two people die, and 25 more are injured due to falling bullets from celebratory gunfire on New Year's Eve.

20. During World War 2, Dutch resistance leader Gerrit Kastein was captured, placed in an interrogation room and tied to a chair. Because he feared he would give up names under torture, while left alone he jumped through a closed second-floor window while still attached to the chair.



Nintendo tried to buy the rights to the Harry Potter series from JK Rowling

22. The Padmanabhaswamy Temple, which contains over $22 billion in gold and jewels is estimated to contain over $1 Trillion behind a mysterious sealed door.

23. Iceland's navy took on the UK, Germany, and Belgium in three "Cod Wars", and won all three times with only one death

24. American swimmer Michael Phelps holds the world record for most Olympic medals ever held but also holds the record for the longest putt ever televised.

25. A cubic mile of ocean water can contain up to 25lbs of gold

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