50 Random Facts List #108

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1Easter and April Fool's Day

Easter and April Fool's Day

In 2018, Easter and April Fool’s Day were on the same day. This has not happened since 1956 but it will happen again in 11 years.

2. In 2011, a Chicago high school played Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in between classes in the hallways as a fundraising technique. They made the students pay to stop the song. They raised $1,000 in 3 days.

3. Before the invention of elevators, and for many years after, the building’s lowest floors were meant for the wealthy people and the higher floors were for servants, storage rooms for the poor people.

4. Before clocks, there were candle clocks, that when burned, indicated the passage of periods of time. To set an alarm, you pushed a nail into the desired point and the nail would fall and clank on the metal holder.

5. Local ABC affiliates owned by Sinclair Media refused to air "Saving Private Ryan" when it was aired nationally on Veterans Day 2004. Sinclair judged that the movie was "obscene" because it "contains numerous unedited uses of the F-word".

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6Wealthy family

Wealthy family

90% of wealthy families lose their fortunes in three generations.

7. Almost a month after the Titanic sank, a lifeboat from it containing 3 decomposed bodies was found 200 miles away.

8. The animatronic T-Rex in Jurassic Park (1993) occasionally malfunctioned due to rain and would randomly spring to life, scaring the crap out of the crew eating lunch beside it.

9. In 1968, over 6,000 sheep died in Utah after a mishap at a chemical weapons test range some 50 miles away. A canister aboard a spray plane malfunctioned, dispersing a supposed nerve gas at a height of 1,400 feet instead of the intended 150 feet.

10. In 2016, a man named Benjamin R. Grafius in Pennsylvania was arrested for exposing himself to Amish women because he knew they wouldn't be able to phone for help.

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11USS Arizona

USS Arizona

Nearly 70 years after the Pearl Harbor attack, USS Arizona still continues to leak up to 9 quarts of oil each day.

12. McDonald's is experimenting with playing classical music over the restaurants' loudspeakers at night in hopes of stopping fights from breaking out.

13. Researchers have recently discovered multiple hidden “civilizations” of octupuses which they are referring to as Octlantis.

14. When the dying star VY Canis Majoris collapses, it will produce 100 times more energy in one second than our sun will produce over its entire 10 billion year lifetime.

15. The leading cause of non-natural death in the 20th Century was democide, which is a term used to denote “the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.”

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16Domestic horses

Domestic horses

Domestic horses can detect negative emotion in human facial expressions.

17. Isla Fisher almost drowned during the filming of the piranha tank scene in the movie “Now You See Me.” She had to give the impression of being in distress but when Isla's chains became entangled for real, she began to genuinely panic and everyone thought it was just very good acting.

18. Actors have to pay $30,000 to have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

19. The Leonberger breed of dogs were used a lot in both World Wars in and around Germany. So many of the dogs were abandoned or killed in action due to invasions that every currently living Leonberger can be traced back to only 8 that remained after World War 2.

20. Chuck E. Cheese’s backstory is that he was an orphan and didn’t know when his birthday was. This made him sad so he started throwing birthday parties for kids.

21Cavendish banana

Cavendish banana

There are many different types of bananas, including one that tastes like vanilla ice cream, however many of us only eat the common Cavendish banana, which has the most important commercial trait of surviving overseas shipping.

22. Jan Baalsrud was a World War 2 Norwegian commando, who was the lone survivor of a Nazi ambush. He survived an avalanche, severe frostbite and snow blindness, having to amputate his own toes, and being relentlessly pursued by Germans for 9 weeks before being whisked to safety in Sweden by locals.

23. The remote Ascension Island in the Atlantic was known as a barren, desert island when it was discovered in the 1700s, but today boasts one of the world's largest artificial forests, which was planned by Charles Darwin and botanist Joseph Hooker in order to make the island livable.

24. In 1976, the team studying a newly-identified virus in Africa didn't want to name it after the village where it was found, so they named it after the closest river they could see on a map, which was the Ebola River.

25. The loudest word ever shouted was the word 'quiet'.

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