50 Interesting Facts about Facebook

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A stray dog named Rufus in Afghanistan saved 50 American soldiers. A Facebook group raised $21,000 to bring the dogs back to the US and reunite them with the soldiers.

27. Back in 2011, Julian Assange called Facebook the "most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented."

28. When Stephen Colbert ran for president in 2008, the Facebook group supporting the campaign became the fastest growing group in the site's history, surpassing a million members in 9 days.

29. As of 2014, over 30 million Facebook accounts belong to dead people.

30. France has banned mentions of Twitter and Facebook on TV and radio, as in "Follow us on Twitter" or "Like us on Facebook" because they were deemed as promotion and unfair to other sites.

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When Facebook acquired Instagram for about $1 billion, the company had just 13 employees.

32. Facebook turned down WhatsApp founder Brian Acton for a job before they bought his app for $19 Billion.

33. Natalie Portman helped with the writing of "The Social Network" by providing inside information about the social life at Harvard because she was a Harvard student at the time Facebook first appeared there. The lines "Who was the movie star?", "Does it matter?" in the movie refers to her.

34. In 2006, CNN included Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on their "10 People Who Don't Matter" list.

35. In 2011, an Internet troll was jailed after mocking deaths of teenagers named Natasha MacBryde and Jordan Cooper. Sean Duffy targeted Facebook tribute pages and posted videos on YouTube taunting the dead victims and their families. The court heard that Duffy has Asperger's syndrome and lived a "miserable existence" drinking alcohol alone.

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36Facebook users

Facebook users

In 2014, researchers said Facebook will lose 80% of their users by 2017.

37. An American supercentenarian named Ella Schuler was so old she couldn't put her real date of birth on Facebook.

38. Facebook has trademarked the words "face", "book", "wall", "like", "poke", and others.

39. A pair of twins were separated at birth, adopted and raised by separate families on 2 separate continents. They were reunited when one of them saw the other starring in the movie 21 & Over, saw the resemblance and contacted her via Facebook.

40. The real Mark Zuckerberg had never heard of an Appletini before he watched 'The Social Network'. After he tried one, he liked it so much he made the Appletini Facebook's official drink.

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41"Like" button

Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the "Like" button the "Awesome" button.

42. It costs $100 to send Mark Zuckerberg a Facebook message.

43. The Pakistani Deputy Attorney general Muhammad Azhar Sidiqque tried to have Mark Zuckerberg arrested for blasphemy when a Facebook page held a Muhammad drawing contest.

44. A New Zealand citizen named Philip Blackwood was imprisoned inside one of the world's harshest prisons in Myanmar for over a year because he posted an image of Buddha with headphones on his Facebook page.

45. Facebook ads are not generated based on your specific liked pages. But instead, they gather information from what you browse on the web.

46Thanakorn Siripaiboon

Thanakorn Siripaiboon

A man named Thanakorn Siripaiboon in Thailand got 30 years in prison for 'liking' a photoshopped picture of the King of Thailand (Bhumibol Adulyadej) on Facebook.

47. One gram of DNA could store 455 exabytes of data, which is more than enough for Google and Facebook combined.

48. Facebook owns hundreds of Domain names, including faceboo.com, fb.com, and IHateTheFacebookLikeButton.com

49. Yahoo was nearly able to acquire Facebook in 2006 for $1bn, but due to a faltering stock price, Yahoo lowered its offer to $850m, allowing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to walk away from the deal.

50. Facebook's alert sound (Ding) is a chord of notes F, A, C, E.

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