50 Incredible Behind the Scene Facts about Famous Movies – Part 4

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26 Matrix Reloaded

Matrix Reloaded

After filming the freeway scenes for The Matrix: Reloaded, the filmmakers instead of disposing of the set, chose to donate it, in pieces, to charity in Mexico to be turned into low-cost housing

27. While filming Zodiac, Robert Downey Jr. used to discreetly pee into jars and leave them in corners of the set as a protest for not getting enough break time.

28. The scar over Sean Bean’s left eye was given to him by Harrison Ford, who accidentally struck him with a meat hook whilst filming a scene in ‘Patriot Games’.

29. During breaks, while filming Planet of the Apes (1968), the actors playing chimpanzees would usually only consort with other chimp actors and gorillas with other gorilla actors, etc. They were not instructed to do this, it just sort of happened.

30. During the filming of ‘Cabin Fever,’ Rider Strong decided to explore the forest alone after a shoot, still in his gruesome makeup. He came across a group of schoolgirls on a field trip, who were horrified–at first. When they subsequently recognized him from ‘Boy Meets World,’ he had to escape from the fangirls.

31 Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone broke his neck while filming a fight scene for ‘The Expendables’. The injury required insertion of a metal plate.

32. Thora Birch was 16 at the time she shot her topless scene in ‘American Beauty.’ Being classified as a minor, her parents had to approve her brief topless scene in the movie. They and child labor representatives were on the set for the shooting of the scene.

33. While filming a fight scene for ‘Sherlock Holmes’, Robert Maillet (‘Dredger’) accidentally knocked Robert Downey, Jr. unconscious.

34. Stanley Kubrick used lenses commissioned by NASA for the Apollo moon landings while filming his Victorian masterpiece, ‘Barry Lyndon,’ allowing him to capture scenes lit only by candlelight.

35. Stanley Kubrick duped George C. Scott into playing General Turgidson in Dr. Strangelove, by telling him they were filming “practice takes”. Scott swore never to work with Kubrick again after that.

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36 Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

While filming the village attack scene in ‘Apocalypse Now’, the helicopters provided by the Philippine Air Force suddenly veered away and disappeared. They had been called off the filming to attack a real-life rebel force in the hills.

37. While filming ‘The Princess Bride,’ Andre the Giant used to cover Robin Wright’s head with his huge hand to keep her warm when it got particularly cold.

38. During the filming of ‘Schindler’s List,’ a survivor of the concentration camp in Płaszów, Poland met actor Ralph Fiennes, who played Nazi captain Amon Goeth. She began to shake uncontrollably at the sight of him because he was so convincing. Goeth was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths at Kraków- Płaszów and other concentration camps.

39. Michael Caine saw an Afrikaans foreman punch a black laborer in the face while filming Zulu (1964). He swore to never film in South Africa again while Apartheid existed and he kept his word.

40. Clint Eastwood went on strike before the filming of Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. He demanded a $250,000 salary, 10% of American profits from the movie, and a new Ferrari.

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41 Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

To sustain his energy levels, Bruce Lee used to take small glass vials of Royal Jelly (a milky secretion made by worker honeybees). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recalled that during the filming of ‘The Game of Death’ that Lee would frequently open one of those little vials and consume its contents.

42. During the making of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, Jodie Foster was so terrified of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter that she avoided him and never actually spoke to him until the last day of filming.

43. When the US Navy refused to cooperate during the filming of the movie ‘Crimson Tide’, filmmakers waited outside Pearl Harbor for a submarine to head to sea and chased it with a boat and helicopter to get the shot of it submerging.

44. During the filming of ‘Caligula’, Malcolm McDowell took the entire production crew out to dinner to celebrate an English football win against Italy. At the end of the lavish meal, he claimed to not have enough money and stuck the film’s choreographer with the bill.

45. To create tension between the actors in ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ they were deliberately given less food each day of filming. Producer Gregg Hale told them: “We’re very concerned about your safety, just not your comfort.” The chase scenes were also apparently real. When the three are running through the woods and Heather yells, “What the fu*k is that!?” at something off-camera, she is really reacting to art director Ricardo Moreno dressed in white long-johns, white stockings, and white pantyhose pulled over his head running alongside them.

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46 The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

While Filming ‘The Gold Rush’, Charlie Chaplin did 63 separate takes of a scene where his character eats a boot. In reality, the prop was made out of licorice and he had to be taken to hospital as Chaplin went into insulin shock due to high sugar intake.

47. Arnold Schwarzenegger wore outrageous purple Boardshorts whilst filming the bar brawl in ‘Terminator 2’. He hoped the stunned reactions of the patrons would create the impression that his character was well-endowed.

48. Tammy Lynn Leppert, the blond actress who distracted Manny in the movie ‘Scarface’, vanished shortly after filming. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

49. During the filming of ‘Romeo + Juliet’ (1996), key hair stylist Aldo Signoretti was kidnapped by a local gang and held for $300 ransom, which director Baz Luhrmann paid. During the exchange, Signoretti was thrown from a car and broke his leg.

50. The ‘40-Year-Old Virgin’ was almost forced to stop filming by Universal Pictures after five days of shooting, allegedly due to concerns that the physical appearance of Steve Carell’s character resembled that of a serial killer.

We would like to credit Troy Helland, RRT, CTTS from Minnesota who did a dang good job of proofreading the facts in this article. Kudos to him.
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  1. The film “Barry Lyndon” is set in the period 1750 – 1789. How does that make it “Victorian masterpiece”? Queen Victoria ruled from 1837 – 1901.



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