50 Bizzare Facts Stranger Than Fiction – Part 3

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1Wei Jie

Wei Jie

Wei Jie was a frail youth who lived in 3rd Century A.D. China. He was considered to be so beautiful that hordes of admirers mobbed him/his home all day, which caused him to die of stress. “Wei Jie died of stares” is now a Chinese idiom describing celebrities who have very obsessive fandoms.

2. Infinite Monkey Theorem was tested using real monkeys. Monkeys typed nothing but pages consisting mainly of the letter 'S.' The lead male began typing by bashing the keyboard with a stone while other monkeys urinated and defecated on it. They concluded that monkeys are not "random generators."

3. There is a Chinese poem named "Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den," or "Shī shì shí shī shǐ." The poem is solely composed of "shi" 92 times but pronounced with different tones.

4. The 7th time that park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning coincided with the 22nd time he fought off a bear with a stick.

5. The Great Moon Hoax were a series of six articles written in The Sun, a New York newspaper in 1835, about the life and civilization on the moon discovered by a prominent astronomer at the time, Sir John Herschel. Apparently, the moon was inhabited by bat-like winged humanoids who built temples.

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6Medical Student Syndrome

Medical Student Syndrome

The Medical Student Syndrome is a condition experienced by med students who perceive they are suffering from the disease they are studying.

7. The Public Universal Friend was an 18th-century Quaker preacher who claimed to have died and been reborn as a genderless, nameless individual and went on to found a religious movement known as the Society of Universal Friends.

8. There is a rare mental disease called the "Rapunzel Syndrome" named after long-haired Rapunzel from the Grimm's fairy tales. The disorder causes a patient to develop an irresistible urge to pull out their own hair, and sometimes eat it.

9. On January 15, 1919, a 50-foot-tall steel tank filled with 2.3 million gallons of molasses collapsed on Boston’s waterfront, disgorging its contents in a 15-foot-high wave of molasses that traveled at 35 miles per hour. The Great Boston Molasses Flood claimed the lives of 21 people.

10. A man named Alexis St. Martin suffered a gunshot wound which did not fully heal. He then allowed a doctor to carry out experiments on indigestion, by transferring food in and out of his stomach via the bullet hole in his chest.

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11Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg

Composer Arnold Schoenberg had Triskaidekaphobia. He feared the number 13 so much that he called it 12A instead of 13, and when he was 76 (7+6=13) he stayed in bed all day on Friday the 13th, to avoid any danger. He died that night.

12. In 1906, a Congolese man called Ota Benga from a Mbuti pygmy tribe was held in a human zoo exhibit in the Bronx, as a display of the "earlier stage" of human evolution. In 1916, after getting out and unable to return to his homeland, he shot himself in the heart with a stolen pistol and died at the age of 32.

13. When you open your eyes in a perfectly dark room you don't see black, but "Eigengrau", a shade of gray that arises from visual noise.

14. Kottabos was the world's first drinking game, where you tried to fling wine from your cup onto a small disc that rested on a lampstand, the goal being to try to tip-off.

15. Around less than 1% of the human population, which is overwhelmingly female; suffer from Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), in which the afflicted person experiences spontaneous genital arousal, unresolved by orgasms and triggered by sexual or nonsexual stimuli, eliciting stress.

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16Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov

Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov

Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov was a Soviet scientist and pioneer. Originally he planned an experimental heart transplant which went wrong. Not wanting to "waste the sterilized operating table", the surgeon proceeded with the head transplant resulting in a (living) two-headed dog.

17. The Manhattanhenge is an event during which the setting sun or the rising sun is aligned with the east-west streets of the main street grid of Manhattan, New York City. The term was coined by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

18. In 1990, Czech and Slovak politicians "fought" the Hyphen War, a political battle over whether "Czechoslovakia" should be spelled with a hyphen.

19. King Charles VI of France suffered from glass delusions, a psychiatric phenomenon in which people believe they're made of glass. Charles VI refused to let people touch him and wore reinforced clothing to protect himself from accidental "shattering."

20. Approximately 7000 years ago, humans used to drill holes in their heads to allow spirits to flow in and out of the body. This practice is called 'Trepanation.'

21Longest personal name

Longest personal name

The man with the longest personal name ever used is Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr. That's only the abbreviation for it; in total his surname is made up of 26 other names and contains 666 letters.

22. Tinnunculite is a naturally occurring material that only forms when Falcons poop directly into burning coal mines as they fly.

23. Illegal prime numbers exist. An illegal prime is a prime number that represents information that is forbidden to possess or distribute. For example: when interpreted in a particular way, a certain prime describes a computer program that bypasses the digital rights management scheme used on DVDs.

24. "Cryptophasia" is a phenomenon where twins make up a language which they only speak with each other. Twin languages often consist of onomatopoeia, and new words twins create by simplifying the words used by adults around them. Up to 50% of young twins may develop their own twin language.

25. A beer tsunami devastated a neighborhood in London killing 8 and destroying whole houses. The 1500 cubic meter flood was ruled as an "Act of God" and nobody was held responsible.

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