47 Weird Facts Even Superfans Forget About the X-Men Universe

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Nightcrawler is unaware of being in the Brimstone Dimension because of how fast he enters and exits. He guides himself through the Brimstone Dimension by an unconsious, natural direction-finding sense.

27. In comics, Domino is a skilled, mutant, mercenary, who possesses, the ability to manipulate probability in her favor, giving the effect of incredible luck. After joining with the X-Men, she is currently a member of Cable's new X-Force team.

28. In "Cable & Deadpool #2", released in January 2007, Deadpool claims that his unmasked face looks like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a Shar-Pei. Two years later, Reynolds would portray Wade Wilson in the film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

29. Northstar, one of the X-Men, came out in "Alpha Flight No.106" in 1992, becoming the first openly gay superhero.

30. As long as Wolverine's DNA is intact, he can regenerate using his enhanced healing factor. In fact, in "The Uncanny X-Men Annual #11", Wolverine regenerated from a single drop of blood.

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31Gay wedding

X-men was the first comic to feature a gay wedding.

32. A 12-page telepathic battle between Emma Frost and Charles Xavier that would be set inside of a dream was written in the script of "X-Men: First Class", but was removed after the filmmakers saw a similar concept in "Inception."

33. Stan Lee wanted to call the team of mutants The 'Merry Mutants'. Marvel changed it to 'X-Men.'

34. In 'X-Men: First Class', Jennifer Lawrence's character Mystique morphs into a beautiful model in an attempt to look older and seduce Magneto. This woman is Rebecca Romijn, who portrayed Mystique in the three previous "X-Men" movies.

35. Deadpool's healing factor is much more powerful than that of Wolverine or the Hulk. While he can survive a nuclear blast, which Wolverine and the Hulk have also done, Deadpool can reattach his head after decapitation, live in the vacuum of space (though he still wears spacesuits to "look cool"), and claims he can survive being thrown into a supernova.

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36X-Men: Days of the Future Past

While working on "X-Men: Days of the Future Past", director Bryan Singer would print out fan art of the film and tape it to the wall of the editing room for inspiration.

37. Deadpool derived his name from the dead pool ran between the inmates of the workshop, where he and other failed government test subject were tortured and experimented upon. The odds of his survival were given as a thousand to one.

38. Unlike his movie counterpart, Cain Marko, also known as The Juggernaut, is not a mutant. He owes his powers (and his sober helmet) to a mystical artifact, The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. He is also Professor X's stepbrother.

39. There is a Muslim X-Men character named Dust (real name Sooraya Qadir) who also dons the traditional clothing in the comics. She is a mutant with the ability to transform her body into a malleable cloud of dust.

40. While filming 'X-Men' movie, director Bryan Singer banned anyone from bringing comics on set, hoping actors won't read any character specifics that would conflict with their portrayals on the screen. Hugh Jackman ignored this and had "Wolverine" comics delivered to his trailer.

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Nightcrawler's skin is covered with a layer of indigo fur which helps him blend with shadows.

42. In the comics, Deadpool once had a crush on Spider-Man, but the feeling wasn’t mutual.

43. Though it was written in the script for X-Men: Days of Future Past that Wolverine was to wake up in 1973 in his underwear, Hugh Jackman had this changed by claiming that if he were to wake up next to a “really good looking girl”, he wouldn’t be wearing anything.

44. Gambit was originally created to be an "X-Men" villain, working to destroy the team from within.

45. Wolverine is only 5'2'', but his metal skeleton makes him weigh in at 300 pounds, giving him a BMI of 55 or "extremely obese."

46Storm and Black Panther

Storm was once married to Black Panther but their marriage was annulled after Avengers vs. X-Men conflict.

47. Deadpool once formed a team with a version of himself from alternate realities. This included a beheaded zombie Deadpool, a lady Deadpool, a kid Deadpool and a dog Deadpool.


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