47 Surprising To Bizarre Facts About Apple

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26Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs gave John Lennon's 9-year-old son a Macintosh computer on his birthday. Sean Lennon instinctively knew how to draw with the mouse while Andy Warhol didn't get it and tried waving it like a baton.

27. One day Steve Jobs called Google to tell them the yellow gradient in the second "O" wasn't quite right.

28. Apple left a known iTunes vulnerability unpatched for 3 years. It was used by governments against dissidents and to snoop on users.

29. An iPhone has about 75 elements in it i.e., two-thirds of the periodic table.

30. The trademark for iOS does not belong to Apple but is instead licensed from Cisco, who owns the trademark.

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Apple made retailers buy iMacs in "five-packs, one in each color," so that Apple wouldn't get stuck with the unpopular colors.

32. When the first MacBook Air was launched in 2008, Apple offered an option to upgrade to a 64GB SSD, for an additional $1,000.

33. Every Apple Macintosh from 1984 to the early 90s had Steve Jobs's and his team's signatures engraved on the inside of the case.

34. The first design of the iPhone was made back as far as 1983, which looks more like the iPad, but with an actual phone attached.

35. The Macintosh was named after the apple type McIntosh. "A" was added to avoid legal trouble with McIntosh Laboratory.

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361984 Macintosh ad

Apple's iconic "1984" Macintosh commercial aired on TV only twice, first in the middle of the night in Twin Falls, Idaho and then nationally during Super Bowl XVIII. Yet the ad generated so much free publicity that within 6 weeks, Macintosh sales reached $3.5 million.

37. The first Macintosh keyboard had no arrow keys so that users could only move the cursor with the mouse and to force developers to design UI oriented software specifically for the Mac.

38. Steve Jobs was hired to build the first prototype of "Breakout" for Atari. He enlisted the help of Steve Wozniak promising to give him half of the $750 pay. The pair stayed up four days straight to finish the game and were given a bonus because of this. Jobs kept the entire bonus for himself.

39. Every Apple iPhone advertisement displays the time as 9:41 AM, the time Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007.

40. Apple iPhone’s Touch ID can tell a between the fingerprint of a living and deceased person, so if you are dead no one would be able to access your iPhone using your touch ID.

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41iPad and iPhone

Apple started working on the iPad in 2002, and the iPhone was actually a spin-off from the iPad development.

42. The iPhone manual says that when using your phone, it should be kept 15 millimeters from your body. BlackBerry suggests that users keep the phone 25 millimeters from their body.

43. The symbol chosen for the command key on the Macintosh keyboard (⌘) was borrowed from the Swedish road sign used to indicate a "place of interest."

44. On his deathbed, Steve Jobs refused to wear his oxygen mask because he did not like the design of it.

45. In 1994, engineers at Apple Computer code-named the Power Macintosh 7100 "Carl Sagan" in the hope that Apple would make "billions and billions" with the sale of the PowerMac 7100. When Sagan complained in writing, Apple renamed the project "BHA" (for Butt-Head Astronomer).

46Apple iPhone cables

90% of "Genuine" Apple iPhone cables on Amazon are fake (via Apple lawsuit).

47. Apple's iPhone got its “chirping” sound, which plays when plugged in with a USB cable, from the 2002 movie “Minority Report.”


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