47 Enticing Random Facts That’ll Leave You Wanting More | Random List #289

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Almost 1 of every 4 beds sold in the late '80s was a Waterbed. Then the industry dried up in the '90s.

27. Carl Douglas quickly recorded the number #1 hit, "Kung Fu Fighting", during the last 10 minutes of a studio session in 1974. The song was originally meant to be a B-side track but went on to sell more than 11 million copies.

28. There are close to 15,000 farms growing Christmas Trees in the U.S., and over 100,000 people are employed full or part-time in the industry.

29. A 3000 mile long fiber-optic cable called Project Express was installed between London and New York in 2012. At a cost of $300 Million, the line was designed to shave 5 milliseconds from financial trades between the two cities.

30. A notorious killer named Richard Kuklinski once put a body into a barrel of cement and left it in front of a diner. He regularly visited the diner waiting for the body to be discovered until one day the barrel went missing. The diner's patrons never discussed it and the body was never recovered.

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31DJ Diesel

Shaq has been a DJ since 1986 and goes by the stage name DJ Diesel. He used to mix Hip Hop music until his retirement in 2011, where he performed at the TomorrowWorld Electronic Music Festival and discovered his love for electro. He now mixes Electronic genres, mostly riddim dubstep.

32. Conservationists recycle Wimbledon tennis balls as predator-proof shelters for Harvest Mice.

33. The song "Rainbow Connection" sung by Kermit from the 1979 film, The Muppet Movie reached No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained in the Top 40 for seven weeks. It was also nominated for Best Original Song at the 52nd Academy Awards.

34. Sewage sludge contains traces of gold, silver, and platinum at levels that would be seen as commercially viable by traditional prospectors.

35. When "The Flintstones" added the baby Pebbles in 1963, it was originally going to be a boy, until Ideal Toys pointed out that they would sell a lot more merchandise if they made the baby a girl, as baby boy dolls didn't sell well in that era.

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36Jerry Weintraub

Jerry Weintraub, the producer of the 2016 Tarzan movie, originally wanted swimmer Michael Phelps to play Tarzan. Weintraub changed his mind after watching Phelps host Saturday Night Live for 2 minutes.

37. Calcium deficiency can contribute to mood problems such as irritability, anxiety, depression, and difficulty sleeping.

38. Marlon Brando was expelled from high school for driving a motorcycle in the hallways.

39. The largest native ethnic minority in Japan are the Ryukyuan People, who are the native inhabitants of Okinawa. They number around 1.25 million people.

40. There is a traditional "postpartum confinement" period of about 1 month for women to recover after giving birth, and in Asia, there are now specialized luxury resort centers that charge thousands of dollars to take care of both the mom and baby for the entire period.

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People who grew up with black and white tv dreamed in black and white about a quarter of the time. People who were under 25 at the time only dreamt in black and white about 4.4% of the time.

42. American writer Kurt Vonnegut had a cameo appearance in the movie; ‘Back to School.’ When the protagonist (Rodney Dangerfield) is asked how he is going to write a paper on ‘Vonnegut’ for a literature class if he hasn’t read any of the books? ...the actual Kurt Vonnegut shows up at his dorm room.

43. Twitter originally launched with the name Twttr. Later the company decided to change the name to Twitter but that domain name was already in use by someone else so the company paid $7,500 to purchase the name.

44. Manto Mavrogenous was a rich, aristocratic woman from Mykonos, Greece. She equipped, manned, and privateered fleets and armies at her own expense to fight the Ottoman Turks in 1822. When the war was over, she was awarded the rank of Lieutenant General by Greece.

45. Thomas Edison designed the factory that first produced Kingsford charcoal briquettes. Kingsford made charcoal briquettes to use up the scrap wood left over from Henry Ford's production of the Model T.

46Chocolate Blooms

Chocolate Blooms: When your chocolate is covered in white/grey powder, it means it has either had a sugar bloom or fat bloom. Though it is still safe to eat, it means the chocolate was stored incorrectly.

47. Tomato paste or juice doesn't get rid of the Skunk spray smell on a person. It merely masks the smell and as soon as the tomato scent wears away, the skunk odor becomes noticeable again.


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