46 Intriguing Random Facts That Are Surprisingly True | Random List #221

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Pokémon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time with $95 billion, beating out other franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and Mickey Mouse.

2. During World War 1, the British Army had “Pals battalions” which let men from the same community to serve together in a war. This practice ended after the Somme offensive in which entire battalions were wiped out, meaning their communities back home were devastated.

3. In 2002, 7 Up launched a variation of 7 Up called “dnL” (the 7up logo turned upside down). It was basically the opposite of 7 Up. Instead of a caffeine-free clear soda in a green bottle, it was a caffeinated green soda in a clear bottle, and instead of lemon-lime, the flavor was lime-lemon.

4. A King penguin named Lala was injured and nursed back to health in Japan. He didn't leave so the family adopted him and he lived in an air-conditioned room. He walked around the neighborhood and got himself fishes from the store. He lived with the family for 10 years before dying of old age in 1996.

5. Dolly Parton wrote "Jolene" and "I will always love you" on the same night.

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One of the reasons a full circle was 'decided' to be 360 degrees (and not a more obvious number, such as 100) because 360 is divisible by 24 different numbers, which makes it easy for math calculations. In contrast, 100 is only divisible by 9 different numbers.

7. In 1996 researchers found an Orca calf with serious boat injuries to the spine and dorsal fin. Despite not being able to hunt, "Stumpy" was cared for by as many as 5 Orca pods. These pods provided food and protection from boats.

8. Kids falling victim to tampered Halloween candy is an urban myth. None of the reports have found to be true. In one case a child died from heroin found at a relative's. In another, a child died after eating cyanide-laced candy from his father who'd taken out a life insurance policy on him.

9. A Botswana monarch named Seretse Khama was exiled after marrying a white woman. After his return as a private citizen, he started an independence movement, became a president and led Botswana to prosperity.

10. A boat/barge has been trapped in the rapids above Niagara Falls for over 100 years. It moved for the first time in 100 years during a storm on the evening of October 31, 2019.

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11John the Posthumous

John the Posthumous

A French king named John the Posthumous ruled for the 5 days he lived in 1316. He was the youngest person to become King of France, the only one to be king from birth, and the only one to hold the title for his entire life. He has the shortest reign of any French king.

12. Ants have designated paramedics that are assigned to rescue their wounded soldiers, carry them back to their nest and help them heal by gently holding the hurt limb in place with their mandibles and front legs while intensely “licking” the wound for up to 4 minutes.

13. 800 years before the Black Death, the same bacteria caused a plague in the Byzantine Empire. At its peak, the plague killed 5,000 people per day in Constantinople.

14. Peter Mayhew has played Chewbacca in every Star Wars film other than Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but was still listed in the credits of that film as "Chewbacca consultant."

15. J. Edgar Hoover recommended that Einstein be kept out of America by the Alien Exclusion Act, but he was overruled by the U.S. State Department. FBI spied on Einstein for 22 years and kept a dossier with more than 1400 Pages on him.

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In Japanese Folklore, Ijuu is a strange beast that lives in the forests. If you are hiking and run into Ijuu, don't be scared. Just offer to split your lunch with it and the beast will most likely repay you by carrying your heavy backpack.

17. Cats are known as both invasive species and superpredators due to their ability to rapidly wipe out entire species of small fauna, only surpassed by humans.

18. During the 1918 flu pandemic, John Martin Poyer, the Governor of American Samoa quarantined the territory. American Samoa was one of the few places in the world to not suffer any flu deaths.

19. In 1895, there were only two cars in the entire state of Ohio but they still managed to crash into each other.

20. The band ZZ Top has had the same members and has been performing for 50 consecutive years.

21John Adams

John Adams

Politicians mocked John Adams, nicknaming him "His Rotundity" after he had suggested that the president should be titled like royalty, suggesting titles such as, "His Majesty the President" and “His Highness, the President of the United States of America, and Protector of the Rights of the Same."

22. Don LaFontaine, the movie trailer voice guy, offered to record an answering machine message for anyone that contacted him if he had the time. He received so many requests, he had to stop offering.

23. Among starfish that can regenerate their entire body from a single-arm, some can do so from just 1cm (0.4 inches) long and in some species of starfish, a large female can split in half, each half becoming male which changes back into female once they grow big enough.

24. Ancient Hawaii had no native pottery due to a lack of suitable clay.

25. As of 2015, Japan's pachinko market generates more gambling revenue than that of Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore combined.


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