45 Pretty Charming Facts About Hollywood Actress To Woo You

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26Chloe Grace Moretz

Kick-Ass film actress Chloe Grace Moretz faked a British accent when she auditioned for her role in 'Hugo' because she heard that Martin Scorsese was looking to cast a British actress. When she got the part, she had to come clean.

27. Comedian-actress Janeane Garofalo didn't know she was married for 20 years to her writer ex-boyfriend, who is now a TV executive producer. She believed that their drunken Las Vegas wedding wasn't official since they didn't file any papers at a courthouse. Her “husband” discovered the truth before his real wedding.

28. Actress Lisa Robin Kelly who played Laurie on ‘That 70's Show’ died in her sleep at a rehab facility from “multiple drug intoxication” in 2013.

29. Actress Carrie Henn who played Newt in the movie ‘Aliens’ never acted again after that movie. She turned down the Hollywood life and became an elementary school teacher instead.

30. After arriving in Los Angeles at the age of 19, a broke Charlize Theron tried to cash a check from her mother to pay for rent, but the teller refused. She got into a shouting match with him, drawing the attention of a talent agent behind her, who introduced her to casting agents and an acting school.

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31Ellen Burstyn

During Ellen Burstyn's monologue in Requiem of a Dream about how it feels to be old, Matthew Libatique accidentally let the camera drift off-target. The reason was that he had been crying during the take and fogged up the camera's eyepiece. This was the take used in the final print.

32. Actress Brittany Murphy and her widower both passed away of pneumonia and severe anemia in their home nearly 5 months apart. Murphy's mom believes both her daughter and son-in-law were victims of toxic mold.

33. Angelina Jolie purchased 60,000 hectares of Cambodian land that was infiltrated by poachers and turned it into a wildlife reserve. Some of the former poachers were employed as rangers.

34. Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) kept the engagement ring that John Krasinski (Jim Halpert) gave to her in an episode of The Office and has sometimes been seen wearing it.

35. Anna Paquin went to an audition for "The Piano" because she had nothing better to do. Selected among 5,000 candidates for the role in The Piano she earned the 1993 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of 11 making her the second-youngest Oscar winner in history.

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36Marion Cotillard

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard is both a 9/11 denier and doubts the moon landing.

37. Jennifer Aniston by 1994 had appeared in four failed TV sitcoms. The depressed actress approached Warren Littlefield of NBC at a gas station, wondering if she would ever succeed in Hollywood. The network executive encouraged her to continue, and later that year cast her in 'Friends'.

38. Actress Lucy Liu claims to have had sex with a ghost.

39. The 1940's actress Gene Tierney had a child born deaf and developmentally disabled because Tierney contracted Rubella (German measles) during her pregnancy from a fan who broke a Rubella quarantine and came in contact with her.

40. Felicia Pearson from HBO's "The Wire", who played a member of a high-level drug organization, was arrested in real life after the show for being a member of a high-level drug organization.

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41Anne Dudek

Anne Dudek played a woman on tv series Friends, who got dumped on her birthday. She then played a woman on How I Met Your Mother, who got dumped on her birthday twice.

42. An actress named Dorothy Gibson survived the Titanic sinking and later went on to star on a film depicting the sinking wearing the same dress she had used during the real thing.

43. For her role as Amy in Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike gained and lost 13 lbs 3 times to play the character at different times in her life. She consumed hamburgers and malts to gain the weight and exercised with a professional boxer for up to 4 hours a day and ran 5 miles (in 42 minutes) to lose weight.

44. Scarlett Johansson played the sister in Home Alone 3.

45. Megan Fox auditioned for Michael Bay for her role in Transformers by washing his Ferrari in her bikini.


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